Why We Lose Every Election

Why We Lose Every Election
April 9, 2019 Theophilus Okolie
Theophilus Okolie
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No matter the camouflage of a party that carries the day during the Nigerian elections, with the reactions that follow the elections in all parts of the country, one thing is always evident, Nigeria has lost another election.

Every four years, we are reminded of the history that is never taught in classes, we are once again cut across by tribe, religion, godfatherism, nepotism and selfishness which is being brewed by the very people our country loses to every four years: The politicians.

The fifth republic is likened to a sham, our democracy has been ridden by the incarnates of the evil one, their yearly sacrifice has been the life of the common man. Every four year, they use the same forces which have sworn to protect the life and properties of the common man to take away the very power of democracy: your votes.

Majority of the states runs on a system whereby the thugs control the Nigerian police force and they manage to keep a good Public Relation system in order to present a good face to the outside world, but within the confines of our neighborhood, they take instructions from the very people who threaten the lives of the common man. Settlers are reminded once again, here doesn’t belong to you, you are visitors.

It would be easier for the military to take over the affairs of this country than to have an election in dome state which comes without a bloodshed. Every election, the bloods of innocent citizens are poured out in libation in honor of the political bigwigs.

Voters are awoken by the sound of bomb blasts in Borno, reminding them of the uncured insecurities that is still persistent in their place of abode. Across the country, the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) would “lower their flags in honor of fallen heroes” who die in the service of their fatherland. These able-bodied young men and women who give one compulsory service year after graduation to the service of the country are left in scornful conditions without adequate care and protection at the mercy of the wild wars; Whoever carries the day.

The Nigeria of our dreams is failed because every election is another time for blackmail and not discussing critical policies and issue that should chart the course of the country in a technology-driven time. Elections are times to forgive old politicians of their sin and sell them to the public that they have learnt their lesson, it is a time to tell the masses reasons why your candidate is the lesser evil and bring out the hidden secrets of the opposition which were not evident while he rocked your boat, it is another time for a divide across religious, educational and tribal lines.

I pray these sacrifices are accepted by the gods of the land and the land is made whole once again, or they strike back and make the ground unfavorable for any trade and plantings.

Every election, these men with no country love, come across us creating division, causing sorrow, tears and blood. The efforts of our founding fathers are being trampled upon, the future of once a giant of Africa is blighted even more, the ears of tomorrow are deafened by the gunshots and caprice of political office aspirants, the eyes of the gods who are supposed to be the checkmate against evil have pitched their tents with the bigger and lesser evils.

When would we grow Nigeria? With the battles that are waged against us daily, one day if the land has enough of the blood it drinks, it will open a wider mouth and swallow the remnant corpses.

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