Say Hello to the Future of Filmmaking! Meet the Osmo Series by DJI!

Say Hello to the Future of Filmmaking! Meet the Osmo Series by DJI!
April 9, 2019 Eada Hudes
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Well, let’s begin with the disclaimer — just like us, most of you out there might just not be the greatest photographers. All of us enjoy taking pictures and locking in memories, but sometimes it’s a bit more than that. Yes, we are talking about your videography skills. Undoubtedly, capturing videos is something that’s best avoided, if not done well. Who would like to see a really shaky, amateurish video shot on a phone? Nobody, right?

Well, you need not fret anymore, as DJI is here to solve all your cinematography issues. You can ask anybody in the digital media industry what the company DJI is proficient in, and they will be replying ‘drones’ in a heartbeat. That’s not at all surprising given their strong presence and widespread reputation as a global drone giant. But, do you have any idea about the other products that DJI has to offer? Yes, DJI also offers one of the best filmmaking tools, i.e. a handheld camera that can record up to 4k videos and take photos like never before. Yes, we are talking about none other than the DJI Osmo series. Rise Above Custom Drone Solutions is a reputed tier 1 distributor of DJI products all over Australia, be it their drones or cameras. They are quite experienced and make sure that you get the best products at the best prices along with free shipping and premium guarantee.

The full series of Osmo that’s basically the gen next of professional photography:

With any of the Osmo products in hand, you definitely hold the power to create top quality, cinematic footage. The Osmo series is a part of the DJI product range, just like any DJI drone, and consists of handheld gimbal and camera systems. It helps you capture professional, Hollywood-level results that can be played even on big screens. So, get your hands on this entirely customizable range which comes with a huge line of accessories depending on what and where you are shooting.

1. Osmo: This is the original Osmo, and boasts of having a stabilized 4K camera with a 3-axis gimbal. This model also possesses certain photography modes like slow motion, time lapse, panorama etc. You can use your phone as a means of controlling this camera and its settings. The Osmo also allows almost an hour long shooting time. So, this device eliminates shaky, hazy pictures and is a great filmmaking tool at a fair price-point.

2. Osmo Pro: This model comes with the exact handheld gimbal system, but with a serious upgrade. This comes with the ‘Zenmuse’ X5 camera that helps to capture fully stabilized videos as well as stills. This camera can also be controlled with your smartphone and the user friendly DJI app. This device automatically gets into the sleeping mode after the set time has passed, in order to save battery life.

3. Osmo Plus: This is DJI’s very first handheld camera model that also comes with a zoom camera. This provides the users all the liberty and the push to capture the shot they envisioned. Like the other Osmo models, this too can be controlled on the phone or monitor. This is basically the camera system to go for if you are keen on getting a close-up shot without sacrificing on the stability or picture quality.

4. Osmo Mobile: The Osmo mobile features allow any smartphone to be transformed into a professional filmmaking device. It has a 3-axis gimbal ensures a totally smooth and steady footage as compared to shooting holding your phone in hand. As a user, you can control the direction your phone is capturing, and also switch between the front and back camera options. This model can shoot up to as much as 4/5 hours and so offer you plenty of time to get that perfect shot.

So, these were few of the examples that establish the fact of Osmo being a powerful filmmaking tool. The Osmo series is the perfect handheld camera system and puts the skill of capturing stabilized 4K HD videos right into the palm of your hands. So, the Osmo is basically the best go-to camera system that can be just thrown into a bag and carried wherever the action that needs to be captured may be.

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