Dubai Government Launched a Real Estate Portal EMart

Dubai Government Launched a Real Estate Portal EMart
April 14, 2014 Howayda Alame

EMart, a real estate, property portal has been launched by the Land Department of Dubai which will be used for the rental, auction and sale of the properties. It is a simple platform that will help people in exchanging information of public and private real estate projects, plans and market. It guarantees the credibility and transparency of all the information and data and is supported by the Government of Dubai.

the Land Department of Dubai

It is expected by the Government that this online real estate portal will have a great influence on commercial sectors and will also increase the attractiveness of Dubai’s real estate market to not just local investors but to foreign investors as will which will be beneficial for Dubai’s overall economic conditions. eMart will also provide foreign investors access to Dubai’s real estate market and they will be able to get complete information about the ongoing and upcoming real estate plans or projects.


The basic purpose of eMart is to support the real estate stakeholders by providing them premium services and simplifying their search for investors for their real estate projects in Dubai.  Other than this, eMart also aims to attract foreign real estate investors by offering them outstanding investments options in Dubai’s real estate industry.

While speaking about the launch of eMart, The Director General of Dubai Land Department, Sultan Butti Bin Mejren said that through this online real estate portal, Dubai Land Department has attained another milestone in developing the real estate market and also in pushing it towards the new heights. It will provide long term benefit to Dubai which will be seen in the near future. He further said that this new transparent and credible portal will provide reliability and efficiency to the brokers, tenants and owners that they never had before and it will also help in significantly improving the local real estate market.

He further stated that the Dubai Land Department is now working to create an action plan for establishing a safe and stable real estate environment which will highly contribute in achieving the goals of all the stakeholders and parties involved in the real estate sector, will also help in bringing more investments from foreign investors to Dubai and thus will help Dubai’s local real estate market to transform into a globally recognized market by providing all the services and facilities that ensure transparency and rights of all the stakeholders and parties. It will also work towards Dubai Government’s transformation into a smart and intelligent government.

Another official from Dubai Land Department, Sultan Al Akraf, Director of first registration at Dubai Land Departments said that the launch of eMart will help in increasing the attractiveness of investments in Dubai’s real estate, property and the transparency provided by this real estate portal will play a significant role in bringing more investments to this sector as it is one of the most important factors in any investment division and this is the basic foundation of this online portal.

The notable thing about this online real estate portal is that it is supported by the Government of Dubai and is aimed to provide tremendous benefits to all the parties involved in Dubai’s real estate market despite their individual positions.

The Dubai Land Department will continue taking initiative and designing developments programs with the help of its strategic partners for strengthening the local real estate market, attracting more foreign investments and also meeting customers’ requirements and expatiations. People can easily use this online real estate portal i.e. eMart and take advantage of its various services and can also find anything that they want by visiting its official website

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