Buffett lunch goes for $1 million

Buffett lunch goes for $1 million
June 9, 2013 Leaders Hub

How much would you pay to have lunch with Warren Buffett? The winning bidder at the investment guru’s annual anti-poverty fundraiser plunked down $1,000,100 for the honor on Friday.

For the 14th year, Berkshire Hathaway CEO Buffett auctioned off a lunch invitation on eBay. The winner, as is common, bid anonymously.

Proceeds from the auction go to the San Francisco charity GLIDE. In its 50th year, GLIDE runs a number of anti-poverty and educational programs. It serves nearly 1 million meals each year to the poor and operates on a budget of about $17 million — a quarter of which comes from government sources.

This year’s top bid at the auction was well below last year’s record of $3.5 million, and it was the smallest since 2007.

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