Best Players at the NBA in all the crucial positions

Best Players at the NBA in all the crucial positions
February 21, 2019 Simon Morris
Simon Morris
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Perhaps the best thing in the NBA is the varieties of the playing styles that one gets to witness. All the players are different, and almost all of them thrive in different way and manners. This is clear when we are watching the games however it may seem farfetched an idea when we look at the statistics of scoring.

Currently, James Harden is leading the league with the number of points that he has per game. However, when we divide the court into zones, then we will see a lot of diversity emerge from the talent pool.

Close range players

Giannis Antetokounmpo is the best player in the NBA in the close-range zone. He is a dominant force present in the NBA. He has the leads in the dunk and points department. During the time of the catch and shoot, he is highly effective which makes him a fresh raw talent for us to watch out for. Presently, ninety-three percent of the points he scored are from the line. He also has fifty-five dunks that came without any assistance in the season.

Mid-range players

Scoring from the middle of the court is almost seen as a dying form of art these days. However, Kevin Durant and De Mar DeRozan excel in it. Both of them love to pull up jumps from the two-point area and perform excellently from the mid-range zone. Durant’s favorite shot is the pull up from the left elbow as dribbles stop and then pops. It becomes difficult for the defenders at that time to even recover because he can go almost up to the edge of the rim. Both of them practice these shots extensively and can score more often than not in big matches.

Corner 3

P.J. Tucker is the best in the Corner 3 zone. Tucker has been leading in the scoring from both of the corners. Overall, he has made around forty-six corner 3s in under 30 games in the present season. Corner 3s depend upon the assists provided by the other teammates, and almost all of the corner three shots have come from assists in this season, and Tucker has had to catch the ball before scoring.

Right Wing Position

Klay Thompson has been the best right winger in the season this year. He is the best player for catching and shooting from the right wing and already has made thirty-three shots successfully.

Left-wing Position

Nikola Mirotić from the Pelicans is the perfect left-wing player who has had around thirty-two successful shots from the left wing.

We may just focus on Harden to be the best NBA player this season, but in hindsight, these players are also amazing from their spots. For more information from the world of the NBA, you need to visit Sports betting systems that work


Basketball is a team sport, and hence we need to look at the best players from different positions in a team as only then we can compare players properly. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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