What Does It Take To Earn The Title Of CEO?

What Does It Take To Earn The Title Of CEO?
April 14, 2014 Anita Ginsburg

If you want to be the top executive of a company, it is no secret that you are going to have to earn your way up to that position. For those who aspire to be a CEO, what do they need to do to eventually become the person responsible for leading a company?

You Have to Have Business Sense

Above all, you will need to have good business sense if you are going to take a company to new heights. Whether the company you lead is a startup or a mature company, you have to be able to find new ways to make money while keeping the customers that you currently have happy. You should know about all areas of business to be successful, not just what you are interested in.

CEOs Are Great Leaders

There are a lot of people who want your attention when you are the CEO. You are accountable to other top executives, shareholders and government regulators. Without the right leadership skills, you will can harm your own reputation as well as the company’s reputation. Remember, you are the face of the company. It won’t succeed unless you manage many working parts at the same time.

Be Adaptable

The tools and resources that companies use to do business change over time. For example, companies may not even have had a website 15 years ago. Today, you have to have a website, a blog and be on social media to survive. Adapting to changes in the industry, as well as technology, will help your business thrive.

Never Stop Learning

A CEO is going to have at least one degree from a university. However, you should strive to keep learning and growing even after you get the top job. Learning about new business techniques, technologies and other concepts can keep your company competitive both now and in the future.

Develop Good People Skills

You have to be personable and approachable at all times. If you are seen as aloof or as a dictator within your company, no one is going to want to work for you. That could hurt share prices and sales. Like Frank VanderSloot, having a good relationship with others, who may not even be in your industry, is important for your success.

Have a Strong Work Ethic

As the CEO, you will be constantly on the go. If you aren’t ready to wake up at 5 a.m. to answer emails, spend hours in meetings with clients or be available at all hours, you won’t cut it as a chief executive. You should be very motivated to work hard everyday and improve your company.

Do you have what it takes to become a CEO? If you are a hard worker, are personable and are a strong leader, you may find yourself leading a company at some point in your career. These tips will help you develop your skills and character to be able to handle the demands of being a successful business leader.

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  1. Carrie Ann 3 years ago

    Being a leader is not that easy, It requires lot of efforts, you need to focus on achieving success. Most of the people are always ask what are the qualities that successful leaders have? Or how one can become a leader, everyone want to follow? But leading is like a cracking a hard nut. For some it is a path to achieve power, and control things. For other it is about bringing out the best from other while leading and making big things happen.

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