The Power of Positive Thinking-Your Mindset

The Power of Positive Thinking-Your Mindset
November 4, 2013 Ugochi Ijoma-Wosu

One cannot really think about career development first without discovering who he is and is ready to develop himself. This takes us to the first step in self discovery: Dealing with your MIND.- who do you think you are? “As a man THINKETH in his heart so is he – The Bible

Who do you think you are?

If you think you are beautiful –then you are. If you think you are successful- then it is very possible to be successful. There is nothing that you DESIRE that you cannot ACHIEVE. It all starts from your thoughts. Your mind has to be able to think positively because your mindset is essential for success. Your mind is the tool for positive thinking. There are no barriers in your mind, you can go far and wide in your mind and you can see the end of a thing before you start in your mind.

There is a law in science called the LAW OF CAUSALITY which states that every effect or anything that happens must be caused by something. The effect must always come before the cause. All actions come from your thought which leads to success or failure. Before you take an action a decision has to be taken to take that action- it all comes from your thoughts.

Two men are faced with a big gate that is locked as they travel on a donkey. This gate deprives them from entering the city that would lead them to their final destination. Man A decides to turn back since he believes that nothing can be done and he waves good-bye to his friend. Man B looks at the gate and noticed that he could easily climb through so he left his donkey and climbed the gate and got to his destination. Be a positive thinker. It must be understood here that if you do not fully believe in yourself and believe success is possible you reduce the possibility of success happening.

Positive thinking does not just mean thinking positively but how you can use these positive thoughts to get the best results. A good percentage of our thoughts are completely conscious, but we cannot ignore the presence of negative beliefs running in us unconsciously that can deprive us from getting success. Work with your mind and not against it.

How Can I Use Positive Thinking To Work For Me Effectively

  • Set Positive Goals

Make a clear decision of what you want to achieve. Remember your goals must be S.M.A.R.T.E.R- SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ATTAINABLE, REALISTIC, EVALUATE AND REEVALUATE.

  • Never Lose Focus Of Your Goal

Always remind yourself about your goal and notice opportunities because they would show up. Let your goals be part of you. When you have a clear goal, opportunities that would help you move towards your goals will come, it is your goal and therefore you should be able to identify these opportunities.

  • Taking Hold Of The Opportunities

Having noticed these opportunities that draw you close in making your goals a reality –TAKE ACTION STEPS. Sometimes these opportunities may take you off your comfort zone to where you are not used to, be prepared, do what you have to do, if it involves learning a new skill please go ahead.

  • There Is No Crime In Going Back To The Drawing Board

If things are going badly and not as planned you can always go back to the drawing board that is, your thoughts and actions and change directions. Do a thorough check if these actions were aligned with your goals.  A sailor sailing navigates his way from danger on the sea if it comes on his route. Remember to always defeat FEAR because it is just False Evidence Appearing Real.

  • Learn To Release Past Emotions

It is important to learn how to release past emotions because they can cloud current positive thinking patterns. Suppressing emotions doesn’t make anyone feel better but when released, it is essential in helping one think clearly

  • Recover And Bounce Quickly When You Fail

Failures are inevitable on the road to success so you must be prepared for them, so that if they come and hit you down it would not be a ‘knock out’. Successful people fail as often as unsuccessful people but the difference is that successful people only bounce back and keep moving.


How Can I Deal With Challenges/Set Backs and Failures

Challenges to success are inevitable; the approach is to know how to recover from them quickly.

Remember NEVER to blame anyone when you meet failure because it would destroy relationships. NEVER blame yourself because it would only make you feel bitter and change your self esteem.

NEVER give up on your goals and aspirations.  NEVER!

NEVER focus on destructive habits when you experience obstacles and fail.

Recovery Steps from Failure

ü  Challenges, setbacks and failure itself are present to teach you and help you learn. It is important to empower yourself by creating the next plan. Ask yourself sincere questions and give sincere answers.

ü  Take time to relax and get into yourself. Feel yourself. Be result oriented and not problem focused.

ü  No matter what you are passing through believe in yourself; speak positive words to yourself ALWAYS. Whatever makes you happy go and do that.

ü  There is always an opportunity in a problem. Think deep and locate it. A lot of people discovered their passion from the problems they faced. I discovered mine through the pains I had to cope with.

ü  Develop emotional intelligence. (I would write on this real soon)

It is important to note that positive thinking can be used wrongly in the following ways-

  • Overconfidence can make one not to prepare and take reasonable actions. Such statements like- I do not need to practice, I am so sure I would perform well…WRONG MOVE IF YOU ASKED ME. Taking actions like practicing for a contest is the best way to make success even if you are too sure of yourself. It won’t hurt to rehearse.
  • Face Reality – a lot of people use positive thinking to cover up on REAL PROBLEM that needs to be addressed. If you do not pay your telephone bills you would get disconnected SIMPLE! Positive thinking cannot help you out here… that’s not what it is meant for.


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