Secrets of Effective Public Speaking for Entrepreneurs

Secrets of Effective Public Speaking for Entrepreneurs
June 24, 2015 Christopher Austin

Everyone needs to be able to speak in public; it is a necessary skill that will be needed at various points throughout your life. This is especially true of those who are in business. Speaking well can be the difference between negotiating a good deal or not. If you are already a public speaker there are still many ways you can improve your public speaking skills and inspire any audience to follow your suggestions. It can be difficult to improve your skills when you are afraid to speak but the following tips will help you to become an effective public speaker; whatever your current level.

Focus on your audience

It is a common issue to worry about how you will look on stage, your focus is on you and how you will portray your message. The emphasis should actually be on your audience. The first thought you should have when planning a speech is what you would like your audience to take away from the speech. If you wish them to act differently or think differently then you need to focus on how you can best share your message to obtain this result.

Look for a way to engage

The more engaging your speech is the more you will reach people. Your audience will quickly switch off if you come across as boring or do not know your subject matter. A good public speaker will engage the audience by interspersing stories within the subject matter; visual aids can also be an effective attention grabber. Most importantly your enthusiasm will grab their attention.

Develop a personal speaking style

Giving a speech rarely needs to be a formal, stiff presentation. The more relaxed you are the more relaxed and receptive your audience will be. Combine this with your speech being given in simple words and you have something that even a ten year old can understand. This will ensure any member of your audience can take in your message and not be distracted by deciphering your meaning.


The best speech givers use emotional stories which both connect and appeal to the audience. These stories have a powerful affect on any audience as they will understand them on a raw, emotional level. This is an excellent method of keeping your audience’s attention and inspiring them. Personal stories are usually best as you already have an emotional connection to them, sharing them will automatically connect your audience.


Almost everyone who speaks in public uses visual aids of one kind or another. Visual aids are excellent for driving a point home or illustrating a particularly complex issue.  However, pictures should be used in moderation and they should have as few words on as possible. You are giving the speech and not your pictures! This will help to prevent your audience from becoming distracted and they will listen to your speech.


Practice is essential before any speech and the more practice you have the better your speaking skills will become. To be the best possible public speaker you will also need to employ the services of motivational speakers. These are professionals who will study your delivery and provide tips on how to improve your posture or presentation. There advice is invaluable and can make the difference between a good speech and a great one.


It is essential to realize that no matter how good you become at public speaking there is always room for improvement. Public speaking evolves alongside the developments taking place in any given industry. If you stop researching and fail to stay on top of the latest research you will quickly lose your place at the top and return to being an average speaker.  The best speakers are relentless in their pursuit of being better.

As an entrepreneur and business owners, it is imperative that you have sound speaking abilities. This will make people willing to listen to what you have to say. Workers should see you as a role model; this way they’ll work for you with a lot more determination and passion. The more devoted you are to employees the better chances you have to keep them engaged. Speak with meaning and you will gauge their attention!


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