My Contribution to my Generation – Part 3 (Starting the Journey)

My Contribution to my Generation – Part 3 (Starting the Journey)
July 16, 2013 Yomi Jegede

In the first two parts of this series, we looked at discovering your purpose and things you need to do before starting your journey in life. I want you to know that until you have found your purpose, you have not started living. The discovery of purpose then is the beginning of life. Scientists have discovered that a jet’s engine consumes the most fuel and works the hardest at take off, that’s the way it is with humans also, the beginning of every journey is usually the hardest and that’s why I am writing this article so as to enable you begin your own life journey successfully in the face of opposition.

Overcome your fears: this is the first thing you need to when starting your journey to destiny. There is no man that has truly seen a picture of his future and is not terrified by it. You will wonder if you really have what it takes to become that thing but the good news is you can, if not, that purpose will not have been given to you by God. The best way to overcome your fears is to start doing all those things you’ve been afraid of doing one after the other, things  like learning how to swim, learning how to drive, quitting your job and so on.

Build up Momentum: this is also very important. Before a plane takes off the ground, it will spend some time gaining enough speed and momentum that will launch it into the air. When you want to start a journey in life or do something you’ve never done before, you need to spend a considerable amount of time building your confidence and encouraging yourself. You also have to face the reality that there will be challenges and uncertainties in your journey. This process will eventually help you to gain resilience and perseverance in the course of your journey. The secret of success is constancy to purpose.

Start Something: this is the final part of this process. You have to just start something no matter how small. It’s no longer an adventure if you have everything figured out, you need to start where you are and begin with what you have, you may need to take a job or start a small business as a means to an end. Steve Jobs started Apple with only about $1900 but Apple can boast of an amazing net worth of about $624 billion.

I want you to think deeply about this, life is very short and you really need to start living rather than just existing. I want you to look at what you do every day, every action you take and ask yourself how that action affects the world. Steve Jobs is now dead but he was able to make a world of difference in his generation. What will be your own story?


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  1. Oduntan Oluwagbemiga Kolawole 7 years ago

    Great work Sir

  2. jegede26 6 years ago

    Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it

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