My Contribution To My Generation Part 2 (Studying The Map)

My Contribution To My Generation Part 2 (Studying The Map)
May 27, 2013 Yomi Jegede

connectingIn the first of this three (3) part series, we talked about discovering the path or finding your purpose. Today we have an even more important topic before us which I have titled studying the map. Before embarking on any journey especially when it’s on an unfamiliar territory, it’s advisable to study the map so as to discover the best route and the best mode of transport. There are no shortcuts in life, whichever road you take, you must face challenges but your level of preparedness is what will determine whether or not you will reach your destination and this is why it’s important to study the map, like John Maxwell rightly observed, “anyone can steer the ship but it takes a leader to chart the course”.

In this second part, we are going to talk about three things you need to look out for when studying the map and how you can put everything together to form your life and career goals. I have decided to make it very practical so that you can easily understand them. When studying the map, you need to look out for these three things:

Resources: Imagine that you want to become a leadership consultant for example, there are certain things you need to have, there are books you need to read, audio books you need to listen to, seminars and workshops you need to attend, exams you need to write, places you need to go and so on. You must be able to state these things specifically and work towards them everyday giving it your time, your effort and your resources.

Connection: To achieve your purpose in life, you must meet the right people, those who are to help you reach destiny. This is what I call your inner circle. Here are the four qualities you and your inner circle must share:

  1. Compatibility: look for people you easily flow with
  2. Experience: surround yourself with successful people, don’t look for someone with whom you are compatible and is a failure, there is something that that person must be doing wrongly and trust me, you don’t want to learn that.
  3. Similar values: look for people that share the same core values you share, that’s the only thing that will help during turbulent times.
  4. Loyalty: connect with people who will always support you and will always tell you the truth.

In addition to these, look for mentors that have done exactly what you want to do and have succeeded at it

Routine: As a person who aspires to leave a mark on the world, you need to have a routine, it might be sometimes difficult because on some level it may require you acting like a robot. My point is we are what “we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit” – Aristotle.

Once you have successfully identified your resources, your connections and your routines, you will have to set achievable goals that will help you get all these things. You must be specific and you must set a deadline for each goal. Read more on how to achieve your goals and get everything you want here. I believe once you can follow these simple steps, you will definitely achieve more personally and in your career. Remember “in a gentle way, you can shake the world” – Mahatma Gandhi.

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