Intelligent Thoughts on Emotional Intelligent

Intelligent Thoughts on Emotional Intelligent
April 27, 2014 Ugochi Ijoma-Wosu


Emotional intelligence refers to a set of competences. Example-demonstrating an individual ability 2 recognise his/her bad behaviours moods and impulses and to manage through diverse situation. That is why I find it a very important skill for everyone because no man is an island. Emotional intelligence- Consists of you, leaders,school, organisation and healthcare.
Emotional intelligence Quotient (EQ)-is the ability to engage our emotionality in effective ways in order to facilitate positive outcomes in our relationships.

Emotional intelligence involves emotional empathy which is the ability to identify and manage ones mood and that of others and respond appropriately to issues at any given time and situations thereby attaining a balance in relationship management(social skills).it also involves how people’s biases in their thinking affect their decision making.”Your attitude determines your altitude”.
Recent studies has seen the Importance of emotional intelligence as a way of rating intelligence and not only Intelligence quotient(I.Q).


Daniel Goleman stated that emotional intelligence’s success is based on 2 premises- the effective awareness control and management of ones personal emotions and that of others
To develop emotional intelligence its important we understand Goleman’s model which consists of 4 domains namely- self awareness(S.A)
-Self management (S.M)
-Social awareness(S.A)
-Relationship management(R.M)
Self awareness and self management are personal.
Self awareness. Is the conscious understanding ones emotions, strength and weaknesses. It involves a holistic self assessment.

Self management is the ability to display control and effectively manage one’s emotions in diverse situations. You cannot cry in front of your boss just because he scolded you like a baby in front of everybody. We should be able to exert some form of control over our emotions.

Social awareness relates to the capacity to consider other people’s emotions and feelings in the process of making intelligent decisions.

Relationship management relates to the demonstrated competencies in communications, influencing, motivation as well as collaborating with others effectively.
We must always remember that great leadership works through the emotions.. A leader’s primal task is to drive emotions in the right direction..(David Goleman)
Emotional intelligence cuts across every area of our lives. If one can be able to understand who he is and the people around, one can be able to manage their attitudes accordingly. One can apply it in marriage and understand one’s partner’s emotions and at workplace to achieve great working relationships.

Emotional intelligence can be learnt  by first understanding and managing the balance of intellectual commitment and emotional commitment.
If one has not discovered one’s self , one cannot be able to understand another.

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