How To Get Everything You Want In Life

How To Get Everything You Want In Life
June 24, 2013 Yomi Jegede

I have discovered that whenever I set goals, I don’t always achieve them. Sometimes I just don’t have enough willpower to carry it through, other times I just don’t know where to begin or it could even be as bad as total confusion which is often the case. You may find yourself in any of these categories, you may have been depressed over and over again, and in fact you may have lost hope in your dreams, ambitions, abilities and even the very essence of life. My advice to you is there is still hope.

People have trivially handled issues of goal setting and adherence to principles. I believe this might be a cause of long term pain and frustration. Often when we refuse to set or comply with goals, life seems easier for us because we don’t have to live by some rules, things seem to go fine and easy for a while and suddenly you get to a point where you start to ask questions like:

How did I spend a million naira within a month?

How come I have gained ten pounds in just two months?

Why am I unable to break this habit?

Why am I in so much debt?

When will I save enough to put me through college?

How, when, where, how……

I have found myself in this kind of mess time after time until I discovered the secrets I am about to share with you. It’s not enough to set goals, goals are just mere wishes until certain things are put in place to enforce them and at the same time give them the power they need to drive the user into action. Below are a few checks you need to carry out on your goals to ensure that you truly achieve them at the end of the day.

Check 1: The Belief Check

This is a fundamental principle of goal setting and it’s been widely written about. You must set realistic and achievable goals. I remember a long time ago when I wanted to start working out, I set a goal that I must do fifty pushups everyday even though I was just a beginner. Every day I will do about 10 and just conclude that it was impossible to do 50, after a few days, I decided to reset my goals to 10, after some time again, I increased it to 15, 20 and so on till I was able to conveniently do 40 at a go, setting realistic goals is very important, you should set goals that will stretch you just a little beyond your capacity and you should set higher goals as your capacity increases.

Check 2: The Time Check

Timing is very important in goal setting. I learnt this principle in my former workplace. My boss will at the beginning of every week tell me to make a list of every outstanding job we have to do and fix a feasible timeline for the achievement of such goals. For instance as a sales person, if your target is to bring in revenue of #100,000 into the firm at the end of the year, you can fix timeline as follows:

January – March          30000

April – July                    40000

August – October        30000

Nov – Dec                      30000

Looking at the illustration above, you will discover that by October, you should have reached your target leaving you with two extra months to exceed it, which usually means more commission. You can even further break it down monthly and weekly

Check 3: The Action Check:

This is the final check and perhaps the most important one. This involves you breaking down your goals into sub goals to enable you measure your progress and monitor performance. The action check of a sales person with a yearly revenue target of #100,000 could look like this:

  • I will make a minimum of 16 calls daily
  • I will get a minimum of 10 appointments daily
  • I will make at least 5 sales presentations daily
  • I will improve myself daily by reading and practicing my sales skills

You can see that I kept using I will before every sub goal, this is really important because it gives the reader a sense of responsibility. Also, make sure you are specific fixing numbers wherever possible.

With action check, your goals become measurable and achievable, you will automatically have a conviction that by the time you have done all the things stated in your sub goals without defaulting then you would have achieved your main goal.

In the words of Aristotle “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”. These principles will help you get everything you want to get in life, they will help you achieve your wildest dreams but you need to apply them regularly and patiently until you become a ‘real goal getter’.

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