How motivational speakers can inspire your business and help it grow

How motivational speakers can inspire your business and help it grow
June 20, 2014 Christopher Austin

Motivational speakers do presentations for all sorts of groups – schools, community organizations, charities, political groups, and more. Many businesses are now hiring these inspirational speakers too.

If you feel that your business could use a spark of inspiration to reignite some passion and enthusiasm in your employees, then you might consider a motivational speaker. Many companies that have done this have found that the benefits they gained were far greater than the costs involved. Here are a few of the ways that hiring a motivational speaker can help your business grow.

Inspiring your work force

If morale is down at your company, you may be losing productivity because of it. When employees feel like they’re just going through the motions to get their pay checks, they are not putting much energy into their work, which causes productivity to drop.  A good motivational speaker can inspire people to do better than this. The speaker can inject some energy and enthusiasm, and remind people that what they do is important. When your employees have a renewed sense of purpose and feel better about their jobs, their productivity goes up, and so does your bottom line.

Bringing in new ideas

When a business doesn’t have much turnover in the leadership roles, it can fall prey to stagnant thinking. People like to stick with what they know. What worked before should work again, so rather than reinventing processes or coming up with new approaches; they stick with the tried and true. Sometimes a business does things the same way for so long, they simply continue for the reason “that’s how we do it.” This can lead to stagnation in the business, with lower efficiency and lower sales than you might otherwise achieve.

The world is changing, technology and the competitive landscape are changing, and to do its best, your organization needs to adapt and change, too. A motivational speaker can bring in new ideas, present them to the company in a fresh new way, and act as an agent of change. As a business owner you can organize team building trips for your staff; hire a motivational speaker to inspire them, and they’ll definitely work with a lot more enthusiasm.

Business knowledge

Many motivational speakers had a long history of business experience before they went into the speaking profession. They have been through challenging situations, and can tell you how they handled them. They can talk about issues your company is facing, and bring insights based on their experiences which can help you determine new approaches. Some speakers are experts in a particular industry and can tell you how other similar companies have dealt with situations. The knowledge, insights and useful suggestions they bring can all be useful for your business.

They provide an objective perspective

People who are involved day to day in the running of a company can become so close to their product or service that they lose sight of the bigger picture. They no longer have a sense of objectivity, because they are so closely aligned with their own company and their own products. A motivational speaker from outside the company can provide a fresh perspective. They see the forest, not just the trees. They can see things from a customer’s perspective rather than the insider’s viewpoint. This objective view can provide a needed shift for your business.

Motivational speakers boost morale

Motivational speakers can boost your employees’ morale. They can persuade them to do better by using their words. It’s amazing how influential people are. The problem is CEOs and business owners don’t have the time to instill drive and passion into their people’s brains. In time, their motivation to do their jobs decreases. A speaker can help employees get back on the right track.

Finding a competent speaker is simple. You can ask other companies for help or you can check the web for some suggestions. Prior to hiring someone, make sure to look for references. Talk to former clients and meet with that speaker first. It’s really important that you hire someone charismatic, respectful, and candid. Your employees should feel comfortable in his presence, and they should want to listen to what he has to say.


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