Gift A Glass Trophy to Encourage the Employee

Gift A Glass Trophy to Encourage the Employee
November 18, 2016 Manish Rohit

Employees are an important part of the company; without them the company cannot run its day to day business and the orders cannot be fulfilled as a result of which new orders cannot be generated and the company will run into loss. An employee should receive appraisal for his/her dedication to the work, for maintaining consistency, giving quality performance and for bringing business to the company.

Appraisal when given in the form of glass trophies could be very motivating. Recent research on this has shown that companies that motivate their employees by giving gifts perform better than those companies who do not appreciate them for their contribution. Trophy made from glass with personalized engraving are just perfect for any award ceremony as the convocation ceremony, farewell ceremony or performance appraisal ceremony. The glass trophies and awards are a great way of saying thank you for a job that has been done perfectly. They can be a low-priced and yet sophisticated way of differentiating the stars amongst average employees.


The Glass Trophies Can Be of Various Types Mentioned Below:

  • Jade glass trophies: This is the most commonly used trophy and known for its green color. The greenish dash is usually found in the edge of the trophy and is highly inexpensively priced.
  • White glass trophies: This type of trophy is also known as star fire glass or extra clear glass. These trophies are actually not white in color; in fact, a bluish dash can be seen at the edge of the trophy. In case of a comprehensive painting; one can choose this type of trophy. The personalized engraving once done can make the trophy look absolutely stunning and outstanding.
  • Colored trophies: The popular ones include red, blue, black and grey. These also look brilliant once the engraving is done; however, these are not commonly used like the white and jade glass trophies.

Meticulous Craftsmanship and Excellent Transparency is the Trademark of The Glass Awards.

Apart from motivating the employees and students; these trophies when placed in the home or office cupboard can add up to the great environment, these attractive pieces of art boost the prestige of an individual’s life and career. One look at the graceful trophy will remind the receiver of his or her true worth and stimulate him or her to perform better.

Several trophy manufacturing companies offer personalized glass trophies that are cut into unique designs. Personalized trophies engraved with the name of the recipient in a stylish manner, along with the year, or logo and name of company looks attractive. Some trophies are formed into the shape of a triangle; globe, contour, star and octagon are these are just perfect for the employees, students, trainees and trainers.


For Ordering the Customized Glass Trophies One Should Follow the Below Given Tips:

  • Choose a company that offers excellent collection of trophies and use laser engraving technology to get the trophy personalized.
  • Once a company has been chosen, provide the details about the event, type and number of trophies that are required along with the logo, message and the name that would be featured.
  • Find out how many days the company will take for delivery; ideally the trophies should be received at least a week before the event.
  • Check if the payment needs to be made in advance; usually these companies ask for an advance payment.

Thus, by following these simple tips an order can be placed for the trophy easily. Therefore, it can be said that to encourage the employees, gift a personalized glass trophies.

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