Expert Tips to Help You Succeed at Your Next Job Interview

Expert Tips to Help You Succeed at Your Next Job Interview
December 14, 2018 Lana Wilde
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To excel at your next job interview, you need to go beyond memorising the answers to common interview questions. You must do your best to create an indelible first impression that will make you stand out among other candidates. If you are wondering about the additional preparatory steps you need to take, the following tips will be very useful to you.

Pay attention to your dressing

Plan to wear your smartest attire that will make you look like the most suitable candidate for the job. This means that you should spy out on the typical dress code of the company you are planning to work for. However, if you can’t reach the company physically before the interview, adopt a formal and conservative style for your first contact. Ensure that your suit is modern, spotless, and well pressed. Also, shine your shoes and make sure you are well groomed. If possible ask a friend to assess your look before you leave for the interview.

Pack all the essentials

Some items should always be with you when you go for any job interview. Print out at least five copies of your updated resume so you can hand it over to anyone that requests it. Clear out your bag so you can bring it out promptly like a well-organised person. Also, write a reference list containing the names, contact details, and a sentence or two that explains your relationship with each reference. To reduce the time required to prepare for interviews, you may create a job interview preparation kit, which will contain all these items and other items like a notepad, pens, and mints for fresh breath.

Prepare your mind for success

Visualisation is a powerful success motivation technique, which professional athletes use to prepare for competitions. But it works for job interviews as well. In fact, many recruitment experts recommend that you should take time to meditate and imagine how the interview will work in your favour. Doing this along with deep breathing exercises will help you to calm your nerves and avoid undue anxiety. To increase your confidence, some career coaches advise that you should write down as many of your significant accomplishments as possible and list out all the skills that you applied to achieve them.

Improve your self-marketing skills

See yourself as a brand or product that you need to market to the company conducting the interview. Take some time to write down all your strengths and weaknesses. Provide examples of how you have used your strengths in the past so that you can relate these examples to different interview questions. You can also write down questions that relate to your weaknesses and others that you will not like to be asked. Preparing for such questions helps you to easily relieve anxiety.

Learn all you can about the company

The more you know about the company, the better you can relate your skills and experience to the goals and objectives of the company. Study the company’s website thoroughly and if possible memorise the mission and vision of the company. Take time to understand the main work ethic and their philosophy. Know the typical customer of the company and how your job function will help to attract, serve and retain more customers. When your potential employers hear a lot about themselves from you, they will naturally feel that they should give you the job so can work with them.

Ask about the interview format

Don’t assume that the interview will always follow a set format. Companies vary their interview style and format for different job positions. So you should ask in advance about the format and length of the interview. If the interview will have a pre-assessment test to assess your technical ability or aptitude, you should start practising for it very early. Adopt the approach you will use for a formal exam and prepare very well for this aspect of the interview.

The amount of effort and commitment you put into the preparation for an interview will determine whether you will get the job or return to the classified ads to write another job application. Don’t take anything for granted. Apply the tips here, so you can increase your chances of becoming successful in your next job interview.


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