7 Steps to Building Confidence at Work

7 Steps to Building Confidence at Work
July 18, 2013 Yomi Jegede

Confidence and performance go hand in hand; therefore, if you are going to climb to the top of the ladder in your chosen career, you will have to improve on your level of confidence every day. The points I have mentioned below are mostly products of experience and as the old saying goes “experience is the best teacher”. I strongly believe that the following steps will help you in this process of building your confidence.

Boost your Appearance: appearance is very important to building confidence. I used to be a very shy person but I am totally different now. While I was going through this confidence building process, the first thing I did was list all the factors I believed were responsible for my timidity. The first thing I discovered is that my appearance was poor so I started working on my appearance. I discovered that it doesn’t take a lot of money to look good, you just have to ensure you wear clothes that make you look and feel good because confidence is really about how we feel about ourselves. I also paid more attention to my hair, my posture and my diet; what I ate, when I ate it and so on. Within a short while, I started receiving compliments on my appearance and this in turn gave me more confidence in myself.

Boost your Personal Hygiene: brush your teeth regularly, use antiperspirants that will keep you fresh throughout the day, never go to work in dirty socks because your feet will stink, use a good cologne, not too strong though. Little steps like this boost your confidence big time, poor hygiene can lead to weakness and failing health which not only destroys confidence but productivity too.

Boost your Etiquette: there are rules that guide the conduct of people within the corporate environment. You need to pay attention to simple things, don’t chew gum at meetings, always turn your ringer off within the office, don’t use your official time to attend to personal matters, speak politely to people and congratulate them when necessary. Observe these etiquettes till they become habits and see your confidence skyrocket.

Understand your Boss: this is the first thing I do whenever I start a new job. If you don’t understand your boss, you will always be confused because even when you perform your tasks effectively, you are still not sure how it’s going to be received and this can shatter your confidence. In fact, you might be led to believe that your boss doesn’t like you and this could have a negative impact on your career.

Watch Your Thoughts:  keep your heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life – The Bible. Your thoughts are crucial to your performance. It’s good to think deeply before you say or do anything, always think twice before you take action or say something. The truth is, if your thoughts are accepted when conveyed with words, it means you have also been accepted and there is nothing that builds confidence as much as acceptance and recognition.

Boost your Relationships: I can personally tell you that this works more than you can imagine. I have been faced with many situations like interviews, assessments and so on. I lost confidence in myself a few times but my friends at work kept telling me they believed in me. They were confident in my ability and this in turn made my confidence to skyrocket.  This sought of friendship doesn’t come easily though, it’s a product of tireless investment of encouragement, assistance, counsel and so on to the lives of my friends. I made them feel like the best even when no one thought highly of them; I abandoned my less important task for their high priority tasks when they were deeply in need. This might take some time to build but it’s totally worth it.

See yourself as the best: Perception becomes reality. When you see yourself as a confident person, you eventually become one. I want you to always see yourself as the best at whatever you do, approach your work every day with the “bring it on attitude”, be ready at all times to face any challenge and overcome every obstacle. The more you overcome, the better you become and the more your confidence increases, and not only that, everyone around you will become confident in you.


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