5 Ways to Motivate Unproductive Employees

5 Ways to Motivate Unproductive Employees
January 25, 2016 Lilly J Adams


Everyone agrees that productivity makes a bloodstream which keeps any business, regardless of its scale, alive, and everyone agrees that if productivity drops, quick actions have to be taken. The question on which people disagree, however, is what should be the nature of such actions. While some managers think that unproductive employees should be dealt with in Draconian fashion, more and more influential voices claim that productivity can be vastly improved if employees are properly motivated and happy. Let us see than what we can do to improve satisfaction among our staff, and thus give our businesses’ productivity the necessary kick-start.

Restructure Employees’ Jobs

There are just a few things more frustrating than being assigned to a job that simply does not suit you. Do not have any doubts that this is the way how majority of your employees feel, and although in the most of the cases these feelings are unfounded, there is a chance that your staff hides very talented and very productive individuals which are simply stuck at the wrong place. Take some to time to conduct an interview with each employee to find out what are their talents, desires, and ambitions. Once you are done, shake things up a bit with promotions and reassignments. You would be surprised to know just how stimulating these moves can be.

Empower Them to Take More Responsibility

All of your employees should pursue your business’s strategic goals, but if they have problems following the path you laid in front of them, let them find the road that suits them the best. Only if you treat employees like responsible adults, who are capable of thinking with their own heads and making important decisions on-the-go, you will give them a real opportunity and enough reason to push harder and make a difference.

Share the Wealth (or the Lack of It)

It is completely understandable that your employees feel frustrated if they are aware that your company’s profit grows while their salaries remain the same. Right these wrongs by allowing employees to feel how their productivity manifests in the most tangible manner – raise their earnings if they are achieving good results which contribute to your business’ development, and feel free to raise them even more if your staff continues to improve. This, however, does not mean that you should hesitate to reverse your decisions, if results start to get worse.

Treat Your Employees with Small Gifts

Quoting Dr. Noelle Nelson, author of the book Make More Money by Making Your Employees Happy – ‘When employees feel that the company takes their interest to heart, then the employees will take company interests to heart’. Show them that you do care by treating them with small, inexpensive gifts every now and then. Maybe they would love a good book, visa gift card they could use in various situations, for example at a local beauty salon, or a month at a gym. It would help them realize that they do love working for your and gather the strength to overcome their current performance obstacles.

Offer Your Employees Leader They Can Follow

You have probably heard the old proverb “A fish rots from the head down”. What that proverb is trying to say is that the cause of every problem can be traced down to poor leadership. Do not allow yourself to be the cause of the productivity drop. Instead, be the first to get to job and the last one to leave, do not hesitate to get your hands dirty, and what is the most important, be ready to constantly self-improve. If your employees do not feel that you care about the fate of your business, why would they?

Those were some of the most efficient ways to get your unproductive employees back on track and provide them with proper motivation. Be persistent and do not give up on people you know can do better, and all your effort and patience will return tenfold.

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