3 Easy Ways To Make Your Workplace Disability Friendly

3 Easy Ways To Make Your Workplace Disability Friendly
November 27, 2018 Justin Jersey
Justin Jersey
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Everybody is different in their own way. Some people are disabled due to different reasons. It can be due to a birth deformity, an accident, age or even a medical procedure gone wrong. However, these disabilities don’t make people any less human, they just make them a bit dependent on others. Thanks to technology, this dependency has lessened significantly because of the disability friendly solutions that have been created. These solutions have enabled disabled people to go to work and earn a living just like any other person. They are able to have families which they can support fully without feeling insufficient. Many companies are now hiring disabled people without any fear of their performance at work. However, in order for them to do their work effectively and also have an easy time, the building needs to be disability friendly. The buildings that didn’t have disability friendly features have now been renovated to accommodate them while those that are being constructed, incorporate these features while building. Making your workplace a disability friendly environment doesn’t have to be difficult.

To make it easy, you can use the following tips:

  • Awareness: Knowledge is power. That means that if you don’t have information on a particular subject, you are likely to be very ignorant and arrogant regarding it. Therefore, when making your workplace disability friendly, the first thing you need to do is spread awareness about the changes and why they are occurring. Let the employees know that your company supports and hires disabled people. Help them understand the areas in which their disabled colleagues will need help and how they can help them. Creating awareness is also important because it will provide the workers with what they can do in case of any emergency. They will be able to care for their coworkers without injuring them or making things worse.
  • Equipment: Once you have created awareness, you now need to stock your workplace with disability friendly equipment. Nowadays, these can be found in any furniture store or convenience store, depending on what you need. You need the equipment to make work easier for your disabled employees and to even out the playing field with the other employees. Some of the equipment you can get include; height adjustable desks and chairs, more accessible plug sockets, ramps, wheelchairs and even vehicles that are wheelchair friendly. If possible, you can also install a lift to make their movement along floors easier.
  • Check system: Your employees need time to get used to the changes in the workplace. Furthermore, you also need to know whether the solutions you implemented are working or whether there is anything else that you can do. You can hold regular meeting with your employees and heads of department to ask these questions. You need to ask for honest feedback and use it to make things better. Furthermore, you also need to be honest to your employees without any bias, this is according to blog.hrps.org. This is to help all your employees include those that are disabled to improve at their jobs.

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