How Your Business Can Advertise at Half the Cost

How Your Business Can Advertise at Half the Cost
January 14, 2014 Brooke Chaplan

Business advertising through the usual outlets, including television and billboards, adds up in high costs rapidly. Any return on your efforts, is often funneled into paying the advertising off. In this modern age, however, there are several key strategies that you can employ to advertise effectively at half the cost.

Targeted E-Mail Blasts

If you have a small- to medium-sized customer base, e-mail advertising offers low cost with high return. Send e-mails to your top clients, along with customers that may be off the grid. Include your vendors as well to keep the entire industry in the loop. Post the e-mail information, such as a sale, prominently on the showroom floor to attract other customers that may not be in the data base. Information is power in the business world.

Promotional Items

Although promotional items have been notoriously expensive in the past, current manufacturing techniques make them affordable when purchased in bulk. Avoid the more expensive items, including hats and tee shirts, and focus on items that complement your industry. USB flash drives, with your logo, keep your company in mind, as the customer uses the memory for everyday computer needs. Pens and rulers allow creative industries, such as fashion or engineering, to use your promotional item everyday. Providing functionality with the item keeps your company advertised everyday at half the cost.

Social Media

Use social media websites to enhance your website with comments and “likes”, boosting search engine results. By starting a conversation on a social media website, for example, your customers participate and effectively advertise for you through mentions and shares. As followers grow on your account, your presence grows in people’s minds, encouraging more sales and visits to the website.

Direct Mail Opportunities

Target your customer base with direct marketing fliers or postcards through Star Direct Mail. When you purchase advertising through a mailing company, you often receive a discount based on the bulk order. Send out 100 or 1,000 postcards to your customers to advertise a sale or new product. Each month, try to send out another batch of mailers to keep your brand in customer’s minds. When they receive mailers, the information should offer a flow for interest purposes. For example, introduce a new software package in one mailer, and follow up with a second mailer describing all the add-on packages that enhance the main software.

Advertising at half the cost requires some creative thought, and customer targeting. Analyze your company’s needs and select an advertising strategy of your own. Profits are sure to rise for you and your company.

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  1. Flex banner advertising can also be a good option for advertising. People pay attention to an attractive and short flex banner.

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      Brooke Chaplan 6 years ago

      Oh yeah! Great idea.

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