Wonderful Benefits of Using Timber Cases

Wonderful Benefits of Using Timber Cases
September 29, 2017 Harry Caesar
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Nowadays, different types of building materials available in the market. One of them is a timber case which accentuates the entire look of the building. Timber cases are cost friendly and provide a lot of benefits and so is one of the most preferred building materials. Talking about the variety, there are various types of timbers available in the market. With some remedies, you can actually turn some of the disadvantages that timber provides the advantages. Since timber is one of the most important building material, let’s talk about all the advantages as well as disadvantages it provides.


Advantages of Installing Timber In House –

  • Sometimes it gets really hectic to find the material in the market because of its unavailability but timbers are one of those building materials that are easily available in the market. These materials can be used in various forms to give a different look to your building. Thus, you don’t need to worry about its availability.
  • Timber cases are made up of a natural source which is why they are safe to use. Not only the usage but these materials are also easy to handle and don’t cause any harm to the environment. This type of material can is recycled.
  • Timber cases are very light in size and have a grasping structure which is why they are very easy to work with. These days, in the construction area, the builders require the heavy machines and strong product which is why the timbers get reshaped in the required size and dimension, but even after turning it into the hardwood timbers, the timbers are comparatively very easy to handle.
  • At the end of the day, it’s all about how much money spent and saved. That’s why we always try to find cost friendly material. Well, as far as the cost is concerned, this material is cost friendly as compared to other materials.
  • We all want things to stay new and good looking for the longest period, which is why we look for the corrosion free material. The good thing about the timbers is that they are corrosion resistant. Unlike other materials such as steel, timbers fade away or decay in the bad weather and industrial environments.

Timber House

Different Disadvantages of Installing Timber In House –

  • Since timbers are natural, they do get affected by the climatic change. When they come in contact with poor weather, they twist, crack and shrink, which is not a good thing, especially when you spend a good amount of money on them.
  • After a very short period of time, these cases require the AQCQ and LOSP treatments to bring them back in good condition. Getting such treatments is again a big headache. Also, it requires some investment, so that the cases can regain the better condition and used for a longer period.
  • If you want your timber cases to look new, you need to get them painted again and again. Painting them, again and again, can be an expensive thing to do.
  • Timber might be cheaper to buy, but when it comes to its maintenance, it can cost you more than the material cost.

The points discussed above are the valid advantages as well as disadvantages of timber. We hope, you have got an idea about you should get them installed in your house or not. If you like reading our posts, you can read some other posts. Happy reading!

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