Why You Need a Conveyancer When Buying or Selling Your Property

Why You Need a Conveyancer When Buying or Selling Your Property
May 27, 2019 April Joy
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The process of acquiring property and having it transferred to your name is never straightforward. You do not get to become the “legal” owner of the property the moment you pay the seller. The same is true when selling a piece of land, house, or building. Receiving payment for the sale of the property does not free you immediately from your legal “responsibilities”. There are also legal technicalities and obstacles that may occur along the way. This is the fundamental reason why getting a reliable conveyancing service is paramount to ensuring a smoother and fuss-free property transaction. Here are other important reasons why getting a conveyancer can make buying or selling any property a lot easier.

Conducts a Comprehensive Research of the Property

If you are buying a property, you would want everything to be in proper order. Not only are you concerned about the physical attributes of the property. You also want to have a clear understanding of its history. To be more specific, you would want to know any legal impediments that may arise from the purchase of such a property should there be certain legal aspects that remain unsettled.

One has to realise that there are a few sellers who may dispose of their property because of a particular issue. If you do not dig deep enough or don’t know how to perform a very thorough and comprehensive property research, then you’re also bound to “inherit” these legal issues.

A conveyancer performs such tasks with due diligence. They will perform an exhaustive search of the different issues that may be inherent in a particular property. If they are unable to unearth such issues, they can then verify whether these concerns have been resolved or are still ongoing. They will include all of their findings in their property report to you.

This gives you a very clear idea of the kind of transaction that you are entering. This also gives you peace of mind, knowing that the property you are about to buy is free of any encumbrances. You also save time and effort in performing the comprehensive property research.

Prepares, Clarifies, and Lodges All Necessary Documents

Whether you are selling your property or looking to purchase one, you will have to work with different documents. It is possible that you may miss one of them. If this happens, then you may not be able to consummate the transaction. It is also possible that the process may take a lot longer to complete.

A professional conveyancer takes care of all the paperwork that you need for such a transaction to proceed. It goes without saying that the conveyancer will prepare and clarify all the documents that are necessary for the sale or purchase of property. Upon completion of all of the preliminary activities, he can then file or lodge these documents to the correct agencies.

Aside from knowledge of these documents, you will also need to perform a lot of leg work. If you are working or are busy with other commitments, this is an activity that you don’t want to engage in. Conveyancers can help you by taking the load off of your shoulders. This way, you get to resume your normal everyday activities.

Organises the Finance

The cost of purchasing a house does not only include the actual purchase price of the property. There are other expenses that the buyer and seller may not be aware of. The seller may be thinking of getting a particular amount from the sale of the property. He may be disappointed later on to learn that there are other fees he needs to settle.

The buyer, likewise, may think that the only amount of money he will shell out is the purchase price. What he may not know is that there are also registration fees, search fees, and insurance, among others. In other words, potential buyers may be surprised to learn that they need to shell out more money than they have ever anticipated.

The point here is that buying or selling a property entails a lot more than the actual selling price. A conveyancer can help you better prepare your finances so you don’t get shell-shocked later on. This gives you peace of mind and allows you to make a better-informed decision before making the purchase.

Conveyancers perform a thorough property research to help you decide whether this is the property you want to buy. They also manage the different documents that will facilitate the smooth processing of the transaction. They will also organise the different finances inherent in such transactions. These are enough reasons to get the services of a professional conveyancer.

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