Why Is Split The Most Beautiful City In Croatia

Why Is Split The Most Beautiful City In Croatia
February 14, 2017 Zachary Helm


The beautiful city of Split located on the balmy Croatian coast. The city boarders Adriatic sea on the eastern shores. Also, it is the largest Dalmatian city and Croatia’s second largest city. In addition, it is also one of the oldest cities, and is built inside and around Diocletian’s Palace, which dates back to the third century. Split is one of the best tourist destinations in Croatia because of its strategic location and history.

Most of the attraction sites in Split city are best explored on foot, though you can take public transport to visit some sites outside the city. A walk around the old town and exploration of the Roman ruins of Diocletian’s Palace is a must for every visitor to Split. Ferries will take you to some of the closer islands from the old harbor in Split, though for true freedom of the seas it could be a good idea to charter a yacht if you are not lucky enough to own your own.

If you are looking for a Croatian idyll for the holiday of a lifetime then Split can be a perfect base from which to explore, so consider leaving the beautiful city behind and setting sail for adventure. You could visit one of the many beautiful islands, Hvar, with its celebs and party scene, rugged volcanic Vis, breezy Brac, excellent for wind surfing and kite flying, or romantic Mljet, shrouded in myth. From marinas frequented by millionaires to fishing villages that have changed little in the last hundred years, from busting beaches to peaceful coves where only the sounds are those of the wind and the waves and the cries of circling sea birds.
Most travelers from foreign countries arrive in Split by plane. The airport is not actually situated in Split but nearby Trogir, however, it is easy to get from the airport to the city center. You can take a hire car, bus, or taxi transfer from the airport terminal direct to your final destination, to the middle of the old town or to the Riva.

If the vacation is taking place in Split then I would suggest a car rental. It is a smart thing to have a car with you so you can go to the beaches outside of the city and visit smaller towns nearby where the beaches are not so crowded and the pleasure derived is much greater. Since people are going to vacation to relax and enjoy a quality family time I would guess that small beautiful beaches are what they are looking for.

Split airport taxi services are used to ferry people from one place to another. In there you can explore places that hold extreme beauty and dive deeper into the island world that surruounds Split.

Split also has a hugely popular music festival called Ultra Europe that has people all over the world coming to perform, see and enjoy a massive experience that is this festival.

All in all this city consists of all critical elements that make a city beautiful, easy to fall in love with and enjoy it to the maximum. It honestly has something for everyone and people find it easy to relax here and have the time of there lives.

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