Why is Dubrovnik Most Beautiful City In Croatia?

Why is Dubrovnik Most Beautiful City In Croatia?
September 26, 2016 Zachary Helm

When it comes to your summer holidays, almost everyone wants to be able to go somewhere a little different rather than simply staying at the same resort year in, year out. If you love yachting in the waters, the best destination is sailing in Dubrovnik Croatia which has a lot to offer right from pleasant beaches, beautiful islands, calm sea and many other tourist attractions for a wonderful holiday in the location. You can sail touching different destinations enjoying abroad as well as on the land with family and friends.
Doing this will take the fun out of going overseas, so if you want to make sure you have an exciting break this Summer why not think about going to Dubrovnik?

This city is located in Croatia and, though it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region, it isn’t often the first choice when considering European holidays. The city holds some wonderful attractions, sights, and experiences, though, and a break here promises to leave you feeling like you’ve had the holiday of a lifetime.

Croatia is located along the Adriatic coast, and Dubrovnik is ideally placed for enjoying some of the best beaches along the coastline. These include Banje beach, Buza Beach, and Copacabana Beach, which is named after the famous beach in Rio de Janeiro. Though these beaches can get crowded, they boast incredible views of the city and sea, and the crystal clear waters are perfect for swimming or taking part in water sports.

One of Dubrovnik’s main attractions is its walls, which have protected the city since the 7th century. These have been heavily modified and updated throughout the centuries, but they still offer up possibly the best view you will ever experience. There are some famous points along the walls, but Minceta Tower is probably the best known. The highest point on the walls, this tower offers the best outlook for an unforgettable view of the city. Dubrovnik city walls tour is extremely popular with the tourists because it shows you all the best spots  You should remember to bring your camera so you can take home a few holiday snaps!

Before you return home from your trip to Dubrovnik, you should spend a day visiting the Elaphiti islands, which are located northwest of the city. These islands, only three of which are still inhabited, can be easily reached from the mainland and are littered with incredible ruins, as well as being home to some beautiful beaches.

Foods and drinks are also available in Dubrovnik; Croatian cuisine is relatively diverse due to its different cultural influences. A sour cream with cottage cheese dish, is available fresh in the main Dubrovnik market. You can also try their spicy sausage called kuien or kulenova seka. Zagorski Štruklji is a popular delicacy served commonly in Hrvatsko Zagorje and Zagreb. Pizzerias are also present in Dubrovnik resorts, and many of them serve thin-crust, Italian-style pizzas or seafood pizzas.

Rakija is a must-try brandy made from grapes, plum, figs and other fruits and herbs. Maraschino is an alcoholic drink flavored with Marasca cherries from Zadar, Dalmatia. Also Karlovačko and Ožujsko  are two of the most popular brands of beer in Croatia.

One of the best ways to experience Dubrovnik is on a package holiday, where your itinerary will be planned out, and you’ll be guided around by a qualified tour manager. Your accommodation and travel will come included in the holiday price, so all you have to worry about is bringing some spending money along!

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