What Every Woman Wants In Her Dream Man

What Every Woman Wants In Her Dream Man
August 28, 2013 Anita Azubuike

We are all looking for something, that character, that personality or attitude in a person; the character that compliments ours, personality that brings out the best in us as well as the attitude that encourages us and keeps us going. What is that thing, that character or attitude women are looking for in a man.

We all have our distinct points of view and this has lead to a variety of ideas and opinions about what we want or think we want in a man, so this brings us to the research that was carried out on a variety of women, they were each asked and I quote “what is that one thing you are looking for in a man or that one thing you want in your man? Join me as we review their responses.

Honesty: with all the corruption around us, does honesty still exist in the world, is this young woman on a goose chase? I hope not. Honesty is virtue which  most young men lack, they usually give excuses why they are not honest but a lot of women out there like this young lady want men who are honest; truthful and morally upright willing to do the right thing always.

Optimistic attitude: I have realized that most women desire men with positive attitudes, men who can encourage them with whatever they want to do rather than discourage them. Does anyone really want someone who is always negative about everything? quick to see how one’s business will go into bankruptcy or an accident on every trip you decide to take. Every woman wants to be encouraged and by encouraging a woman you bring out her full potentials.

Good manner of approach: a lot of men think the way they respond to things do not matter but to most ladies it does. Your manner of approach tells a lot about you, are you the aggressive type? Are the one who talks anyhow to people? Or are you the always calm one who acts maturely, knows how to talk and when to talk?  It is very important to know that the way you react to things will either get you respect from a lady or disrespect. I can boldly say that women tend to look for guys with good manners of approach, who respond to things maturely and in a respectable way.

Reliable: it is sad to say but men cannot be relied on again, yeah there maybe a few exceptions to this and those are the guys that women have got their eyes out there for. You can’t make it to an event and you have to cancel, call up you lady and tell her “I am sorry can’t make it lets reschedule” don’t just sit down, fold you arms and say “if she doesn’t see me there, she will know I couldn’t make it”. A woman wants a man who she can leave her kids with and be sure that by 3 pm he is going to feed them or one who makes a promise and would never go back on his word. Can you be relied upon?

Ambitious: a man who even if he hasn’t succeeded yet, is on his way to success because he desires it and is working hard enough to earn it. A lazy man cannot be found in any woman’s dictionary.

Intelligent: there is more to intelligence than just a man’s educational background. Women tend to like guys that think intelligently and have the ability to take wise decisions.

Humble: with time I have grown to see that women like humble men. No matter how wealthy, how old and how made her man is, a woman wants a man who is willing to put achievements aside and come down to her level so they can relate as one.

There are so many other things women look for in their men but most importantly, guys, be who you are and always strive to get better, that is the essence of life.

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