What Are The Top Places To Visit In North East?

What Are The Top Places To Visit In North East?
September 4, 2019 Kristen Smith
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Are you planning for a holiday vacation? Obviously, Northeast tour packages are the right option that offers you so many numbers of places to visit. Not just one there are plenty of places actually so you can enjoy by visiting all these places. Though there are plenty you all search for the specific places right that is why this article comes up with topmost places to visit in North East.


Cherrapunji is situated in Meghalaya and it is considered as the wettest place in the world. It is a cool and soothing place to visit and it will offer you a tranquil ambiance. No matter what this place is the best choice and will help you have wonderful vacation days. All the month not only during winter you can witness chill and cool the entire year. So it is the best place that you should not miss to see while visiting Northeast.

Gorichen Peak:

Gorichen Peak is located in Arunachal Pradesh. If you are a person who loves to spend time in the coolest region then it is the best option. You can see snow-capped mountains in all the spots and especially you will be able to see the enchanting beauty of the white snow spread over on all the peaks. Provided with deep snow and chill surrounding this place is really worth to visit even at once.

Tawang Monastery:

Tawang is located in the height of 10,000 feet in Arunachal Pradesh. If you visit Tawang monastery then you will able to see the mesmerizing beauty of nature. This place is the home for 450 monks. If you want a strange and unusual experience then Tawang is the right place. If you stay in this place till evening then you can able to evident beautifying Tawanda River.


Guwahati is located in Assam. It is the largest city with a lot of blissful things. If you visit this place then you can able to easily see all the vibrant beauty. In this city, so many places are there to visit such as Assam State Zoo, Kamakhya temple, Fancy Bazar, Regional Science Center and then many more.

Kaziranga National Park:

Kaziranga National Park is the home for a two-third population of world’s one-horned rhinoceros. It is considered as the world heritage site. In this park, so many numbers of animals and other species present so you all set to visit this park to see all the classification of species. You can see elephants, the Indian tiger and then many more. You can also be allowed to go for a safari ride in SUV or else Jeep. It takes 2 days to completely explore this national park.


Majuli is located in the state of Assam. It is surrounded by lush greenery and then pollution free surroundings. It is a wonderful island and it is the world’s largest island. If you choose to visit this place then you can witness several celebrations so choose Northeast tour packages for a better vacation.

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