Wakeup Early To Enjoy the Delicious Breakfast Dishes in Dubai

Wakeup Early To Enjoy the Delicious Breakfast Dishes in Dubai
April 3, 2014 Ozair Akhtar

Gobble the Delicacies of Dubai Food[8]

Healthy and worthy breakfast is essential if you want to be active and stay energized throughout the rest of your day. The problem seen in most of the people these days regarding breakfast is that they tend to make excuses for not having it regularly. Either they convince themselves that they don’t have enough time or they can’t decide how to make a healthy breakfast for them.

A healthy breakfast charges our body with energy and strength that is needed to kick-start your day. According to nutritionist if you don’t have breakfast on a daily basis, then this might result in digestion issues. While everyone has their own sense to choose best breakfast meal for themselves, but it is always better to pick the healthier ones.

Because of the low turnover for daytime dining in cities like Dubai, most of us find our morning appetite intensely going out of control. And after that comes a predatory discussion about where to go for the most significant mealtime of the day.

The significance of breakfast has been highlighted by a research result released recently by the American Heart Association, according to which missing breakfast may increase your probability of having coronary heart disease by 25 percent.

But past the health benefits of having breakfast on a daily basis, going out for morning meal in Dubai will also give you a socially and gastronome experience. Ranging from a fried meal with typical English recipes, we will tell you about experiencing the best breakfast and best lunch in Dubai that will encourage you to get out of your bed in the morning.

Boating fanatics are mostly not unfamiliar to the foreign shorelines this is why building a cafe at Dubai Marina Yacht Club was the best choice. It serves a wide selection of breakfasts and most of them are international dishes. Out of many, you should consider trying smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel or scrambled eggs with hash browns and stuffed mushrooms. They also serve their specialty breakfast which is based on an English meal and served in an iron skillet. You will be able to enjoy your breakfast with magnificent views and aroma of the Marina shores.

In Downtown Dubai there is a restaurant whose day begins with a French baker who start breaking through the early morning till sunrise. When you enter the premises, the strong whiff of oven-fresh bread will welcome you. From creamy pain Perdue to a profligate plate of scrambled eggs, their menu includes some of the best breakfast meals in Dubai while every dish served by them is the finest way to begin your day.

Laserre – The best cafe and bars in Dubai is located in the Downtown Dubai, which is a popular among the residents of this city because of their vast selection of muffins, bread, pastries and croissants. Additionally, croissants are available in three different flavours i.e. almond, chocolate or plain. They begin their baking at 7am every morning, which is ready to be served to their guests. And if you have decided to go there for breakfast, and then don’t miss the French toast that is served with date syrup toffee and caramelized sour apples.

To get the most out of your vacation trip to one of the most popular tourist spots like Dubai then you shouldn’t miss those delicious morning breakfast meals offered at different restaurants and cafes.

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