Understanding the Various Health Implications of Overusing Your Mattress

Understanding the Various Health Implications of Overusing Your Mattress
May 9, 2019 Simon Morris
Simon Morris
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Many people keep using old mattresses much beyond their shelf life. However, when you are not experiencing proper sleep at night or when you are waking up in the middle of the night because of various pains and aches, they could be clear signs that you need to get your mattress replaced with a top quality new mattress. Old mattresses are responsible for triggering a host of health issues and they may ruin your health in the long run.

As per the opinion, “Did you know roughly a third of your life is spent in bed? With this being said your mattress is a fundamental part of your life and due to the amount of time spent on it, can significantly contribute to your wellbeing. The average mattress has a lifespan of roughly 8 years.” Let us examine some common health implications of sleeping on a mattress that is old and overused.

Chronic Back Pain or Neck Pain

With time and constant use, mattress structure would be adversely affected and they would start dipping and sagging. The mattress would not be able to support your body firmly like before. If you sleep regularly on such a mattress that does not promote perfect spine alignment or assure pressure point relief, you would be straining your back and neck. You would develop neck pain and back pain issues.

Chronic lower back pain could be caused by sleeping regularly on a bad and overused mattress. The pain issues could be alleviated by sleeping on a new and firm mattress. Back pain would compel people to consider changing their mattress. As per the findings of some studies, people who are in the habit of changing their mattress regularly, say once every five or six years actually experience fewer sleep-associated problems. Always browse through mattress reviews and ratings to guide you while choosing the right mattress for you.

As a sleeping pad ages and starts to wear out, it begins to list in the center. So as opposed to resting on a level, agreeable surface, you end up dozing on one that is fumblingly bent in the center. Truth be told, one conspicuous spine master contrasted it with dozing in an opening.

Which sounds really terrible, correct? Chiropractors concur that dozing on old bedding is a formula for perpetual back torment. That can mean hurling and turning during that time to locate an increasingly open to dozing position, or basically getting up the following morning feeling firm and sore.

Allergies Triggered by Dust Mites & Bed Bugs

If you go on overusing a mattress there is a real threat of allergies triggered due to dust mites and bed bug bites. Your old mattress is a perfect habitat for bed bugs and dust mites. They usually give you itchy bites. It is quite difficult to eliminate them once your mattress is infested by them. They typically find refuge in old mattress seams, edges, and folds. As many as ten million dust mites could be found on your mattress and they would go on feeding on your dead skin cells.

These allergens are responsible for triggering asthma attacks. They are responsible for worsening the condition of asthma patients. This is known to upset natural circadian rhythms that make it difficult to get restorative sleep at night.

Insomnia & Other Sleep Disorders

You would not be able to experience comfortable and fulfilling sleep on an overused mattress that has developed bumps, lumps, and exposed coils. When you are unable to sleep at night it is time you got your mattress replaced. When on a regular basis, you are tossing and turning all night and desperately trying to fall asleep, this could be signs that you are developing insomnia. Insomnia would lead to exhaustion, fatigue, and lack of interest in your usual activities the next morning.


If you go on overusing your mattress beyond its lifetime, you may start experiencing soreness on particularly, the pressure points. If your mattress is in good condition, your spine would get the right support and will remain straight when you lie down on your bed and a good pillow would allow proper neck alignment. When your mattress does not give you the right support, you develop tender and sore areas on your body because of unsupported sleep position.

One of the components neglected when you are searching for the reason for your wheezing is the sleeping pad. On the off chance that your sleeping pad isn’t supporting your body legitimately, your aviation routes might be under strain or the tissues might be depressed, which prompts wheezing.

On the off chance that the sleeping pad is old, it might advance wheezing also. Sleeping pads take the state of your body, which makes your aviation routes to square simpler. In spite of wheezing isn’t extraordinary, few individuals truly know and comprehend the perils of wheezing, which really can possibly be lethal.

Infections Due to Mold & Bacteria

An old and overused mattress provides an ideal environment for mold and bacteria to breed. You may come across MRSA, Staphylococcus, Enterococcus, and even Norovirus in your old mattress and some of these could cause urinary tract infections and skin infections. Getting a dehumidifier, airing, and drying the mattress are only short-term solutions. You need to change your mattress if you want to steer clear of serious infections and diseases.

Lead to a weak immune system

Dozing on bedding keeps you from getting an amazing rest, which debilitates your resistant framework. This is the way you will turned out to be progressively inclined to colds, just as other kind of diseases, even extreme ones.

Microbes and Mold

Shape is additionally a threat with regards to old beddings, particularly if your room isn’t very much ventilated and powerless to sodden. While most normal shape spores are typically innocuous, they can trigger hypersensitive responses. These incorporate hacking, irritated eyes and dermatitis.

Essentially to the next wellbeing dangers, if your sleeping pad is developing mold, it’s most likely time to supplant it. Be that as it may, present moment fixes incorporate drying out and airing the bedding and notwithstanding getting yourself a dehumidifier.

Lack of sleep (and everything that accompanies it)

Awakening languid and attempting to think amid the day? Your bedding may be to be faulted for your upset rest. In the event that you battle to rest in light of your awkward or destroyed sleeping cushion, you may feel the outcomes the following day.

Upset rest may prompt medical issues and a diminished personal satisfaction.

Joint soreness

Resting on a sleeping pad that is unreasonably firm for you can result in sore joints. While a solid sleeping cushion can be better for your back and pose than old, drooping bedding, it can put weight on your tailbone, arms and shoulders as you thrash around to get settled.

The more you battle to locate an agreeable position, the more it can prompt torment.


Mattresses are generally used for eight to maximum ten years, however, most experts recommend getting your mattress replaced once in every eight years to avoid health issues. With age, your body’s tolerance level seems to go down so it is best to consider replacing your old mattress every 5 to 7 years if you are over forty to avoid serious health issues discussed above.

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