Types of Corporate Christmas Parties You Can Organize

Types of Corporate Christmas Parties You Can Organize
November 17, 2014 Kabir Raja

Christmas is around the corner and it that time of the year again, when the ‘boss’ would need (and love) to put off the ‘Mr. Superior’ hat and to put on the ‘Mr. Party Organizer’ hat. However, thanks to their hectic schedule, a boss might want to ‘outsource’ the task to anyone or any agency that he can rely upon. What if he chooses you? Remember, a corporate Christmas Party is yards away from a conventional, family centric one. It involves more people than what you would call for a domestic party. Plus, it should have every ingredient to boost the morale of the team. Of course, it also gives the ‘boss’ a chance to mingle and have some fun with those, who have been working for him round the clock.

So what should you do if you are to host a corporate Christmas party? To begin with, you can choose from two types of corporate parties- a joiner or an exclusive one. You should know that both have their fair shares of pros and cons. To determine which would work perfectly for your company, it is imperative that you prove a little deeper into this.

#1: About Joiner or Shared Parties

This can be a great option if you want to make a grand celebration, without letting go of too much of the fund. In this type of party, you can invite all guests to an impressive venue, with elaborate decorations and lots of entertainment. However, the fun of the party has to be shared with other groups as well. And the groups that will be sharing the venue and the fun might not necessarily come from a single Company. To make the long story short, shared parties are, as the name suggests, more like joining a single, yet grand Christmas bash!

When can such a party work for you? It is the best option when you are to arrange for a small group, say, for about 10-12 guests and hiring a venue and entertainment for such a group can be pretty expensive. A shared party can entertain your guests in all ways for an affordable rate. As a matter of fact, it is also good for the ‘party animals’ who are ever enthusiastic about meeting and socializing with new people! But on the flipside, it might not be too good an option for the ‘private types’ people!

Another plus point of opting for such a party is that you would not need to spend much time while arranging these parties. Actually, these are exclusively planned and executed by professional party organizers. It is only on your part to ‘share’ the expenses. Take it like that! Just get the tickets and let the party begin!

#2: On Exclusive Parties

As the name suggests, these are really ‘exclusive’ where only the ‘guests’ formally invited will be allowed in! It is a great choice for private functions. However, while arranging exclusive parties, you might need to take a lot of preparations to create a set of program and arrange for games for all to enjoy. A shortcut to make it is, however, hiring bouncy castles, both for children and adults with fun motifs from any reliable Kent Bouncy Castle Hire agency. You might think of arranging some ‘fun food’ stalls, D.J and everything that stands far apart from the monotony of a conventional office day. And of course, you will need to make sure about the foods and beverages that the guests will be entreated with. Fix your appointment with the decorator well in advance. Make sure that the decoration you choose goes with the mood of the party. Last, but not the least, remember that arranging an exclusive party can be time consuming, so make sure to do the necessary arrangements well in advance.

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