Three Most Irritating Things for True Watch Collectors!

Three Most Irritating Things for True Watch Collectors!
April 27, 2016 Howayda Alame

Being an enthusiastic timepiece customer isn’t easy! Not only you’ve to deal with the world that lacks a true collector’s passion but also cope with a pool of self-satisfying brands, exaggerated fellow collectors and intense competition than most conventional functions. A true watch lover is a constant battle with the real thing on the other end which is a stable and durable timepieces.

If you agree to the fact that buying a good watch from a decent brand is the endgame especially when quality timepieces are a concern, let’s explore the some of the most annoying things that get in the way! For those who yet have to face these issues don’t actually fall in the list of genuine buyers.

  1. The brand ambassador paradox

This is perhaps the trickiest one as brand ambassadors which are mostly celebrities often get compensation for wearing a brand; a well-known marketing strategy. These brand ambassadors attract new and existing customers towards a certain product; a wristwatch in this instance. Fans aren’t interested in entertainment and fashion press boasting various celebrities but they do consider actual features and mechanism.

Everything we purchase is actually an investment in the brand and the most successful of these in the world of wristwatches have long and deep history, dating back to many generations. Such facts are appealing to passionate buyers rather than hiring celebrities who boast and brag, even for a watch that may turn out to be an element of shame later!

  1. The anonymous organisations

The finest watches have been compared to the fine art most of the time and there’s a good reason behind it. This is because both are judged through their quality, technical aspects and origin. It’s as simple as buying and artist with a piece of art thus the real credit goes to the manufacturer or designer.

Same is the case in watchmaking as high-end watches usually bear name of the one person. This is generally founder of the company or brand while the prominent name passes on for generations even if the true inventor cease to exist. With that said, most of the top watch manufacturing companies are entirely nameless as their association remains dubious!

In contrast, small-time manufacturers became famous over the years but lack of marketing is holding them back from coming to the frontline. Larger brands usually neglect innovation over celebrity marketing which can get quite frustrating and somehow a spot over their long-lasting history.

  1. Watches that don’t work from the very first day!

There’re times when exotic yet low production watches don’t actually work from day one. In-fact, some are even dead on arrival and this even happens with high-end watches; rarely though! Lack of testing and quality control is the true reason which ask for careful research and purchasing from a legitimate source.


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