Theatre is no child’s play

Theatre is no child’s play
November 25, 2014 Narender Dhiman

Theater has been one of the oldest forms of entertainment known to mankind. With this age, maturity has come into theater, making it more than just petty entertainment. There are few things as engaging to the mind as watching a splendid play. Plays offer subtle social commentary, which can be seldom achieved by other art forms. Here are some pointers for those who are hardcore fans of the theater.

Check out Rangashankara

Rangashankara is the most happening venue for theater activities right now in Bangalore. It has just turned a decade old and served Bangalore well. Named after the multi-talented artist and cine actor Shankar Nag, it provides the stage to the best plays in Bangalore today. The calendar of Rangashankara is always full and rarely left empty. It hosts plays in all languages and all types including single-person acts, mimes and more. For a person, who loves theater, Rangashankara becomes a second home.

Peek into Alliance Francaise

Alliance Francaise provides a stage and showcases for all kinds of talent not limiting just to plays and theater. However, some of the most powerful plays are held here very frequently. Though relatively new, Alliance Francaise is the best known spot in Bangalore as the venue for experimental theater and budding artists. Alliance Francaise should be your choice if you are looking for something new and refreshing.

Visit the Jagriti Theater

Jagriti has become a hub of activities like performing arts and theater. It manages several stages and events in Bangalore in the name of Jagriti Spaces. Its name means ‘awakening’ in the Sanskrit language and the organization uses English as the medium of expression. Jagriti is a perfect place for those who seek good art, especially plays. Jagriti is a place where you can find the artists’ intentions being fulfilled to the fullest.

Get to K H Kala Soudha

K H Kala Soudha is known to provide an exclusive stage for plays along with dance, music and movies. Known to host some of the hard hitting plays, which give out a social message, the Kala Soudha also has a Board of Ad visors, which s well-known artists and theater personalities, which have steered it to become one of the most well-known stages in Bangalore. The Kala Soudha is also holds workshops and events, which even includes mentoring children.

Know the local theater groups

If you are an avid fan of theater, you already know some of the theater groups based in Bangalore. Get in touch with them through social media or their websites. Follow them for news and performances. Groups like Bangalore Little Theater and Yours Truly theater have been doing immense work in the field and they provide you with the opportunity to get to enjoy theatre better.

Theater brings one closer to the society and also to oneself. Plays are known to enrich humankind mentally. The theater scene at Bangalore is doing very well and going ahead strong. Make sure you aren’t left behind.

Author: The author is an amateur theater artist and a journalist. When not acting or writing for newspapers, he writes bits for eventshigh

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