The workaholic’s guide to taking a vacation without leaving the office

The workaholic’s guide to taking a vacation without leaving the office
November 27, 2016 Leaders Hub

You’ve built a great team, working on exciting projects from your carefully-balanced work space. It seems like work gets busier day by day, and that’s no bad thing. You’re prepared to put in the long hours: this business is what drives you. But you’re also aware that you need to take care of yourself.

A change of scene is not just about relaxing, or taking care of your health – although those are also valuable reasons for taking a vacation. A change of scene keeps your mind fresh, prompts you with new ideas and perspectives, inspires you to question the way that your team does things, and to push for better. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get that effect without leaving the office?

You can. This isn’t the 1950s – the workplace is a different animal these days. Not only are you freer to do things your own way, it’s positively encouraged. None of your star players want to work in a joint where they feel they’re chained to a desk, pummelling through their workload for an anonymous manager. You can keep things fresh for you and your team by finding new ways to experience the world around you, without having to get out of town.

Try starting with refreshments. There’s nothing more depressing in an office than a rusty old Coke machine. Try spicing things up by having a weekly theme, where jugs of fruit cocktail and other regional specialties from around the world are introduced to the social area at work. If you have the power to keep the staff canteen on such a rotation with the lunchtime meals they prepare, do so.

If you allow music in your office, try fixing up a collaborative playlist on Spotify. Again, find a weekly theme and challenge your crew to contribute. It builds team morale, and also forces everyone to take a different perspective on their projects. It’s free, and you don’t have to leave your desk!

The video below from Pound Place offers some great ideas on how that holiday feeling can be evoked without leaving your home town, and with a bit of imagination these principles can all be applied in the office. Share it around and see what your colleagues come up with. Keep a relaxed atmosphere at work, and it’s a place everyone will want to be.

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