Sleep Monitor World What Does FitBit Track?

Sleep Monitor World What Does FitBit Track?
August 4, 2016 Howayda Alame


FitBit is a physical activity tracker designed to guide you in improving the quality of life that you live. It encourages you to be more active and health-conscious in your everyday living.

FitBit products continuously evolve to keep up with the growing demand for hassle-free health monitoring. New and improved features have been added to these small, wearable devices, such as a distance counter, pedometer, GPS tracker and a heart rate monitor programmed to give you accurate information when exercising or just simply walking around. The FitBit will then upload the data it gathered to the official website, and you can pull up charts and scores from your previous activities to serve as a guide and inspiration to continue on your fitness journey. You will know right away which aspect to improve on.

417IRTO7WQL.01_SL500_Aside from activity checkers, the trackers also have calorie estimators and bar code scanners that will encourage you to eat healthy. It has a wide database of food information to help you keep in track of the calories you consume. This makes it easier for you to create a diet plan.

Another feature is the sleep tracker. You can use your FitBit Fitness Tracker to know the duration and quality of your sleep. The device will automatically detect sleep based on your movement.

Many doctors around the world also use FitBit to monitor their patients’ physical activities.

How does FitBit track sleep?

Fitbit One, Zip, Ultra, & Flex all use sensors called accelerometers to track the speed and direction of your movements. Enter the time that you spent in bed and it will give you data about how long you’ve been awake or asleep, or if you have been restless. The data is based on how much your wrist is moving during the time that you entered; if it detects too much movement then it means you’re restless.

The FitBit Surge, Charge HR, Charge, and Force models on the other hand, can automatically detect sleep. Simply wear the device to bed and you will be able to view your stats on your account after waking up.

FitBit allows you to set a sleep goal so that you can set your biological clock the way you want it. All trackers except the Zip also feature a silent alarm; the FitBit will vibrate gently to coax you out of your sleep. Just like the other features, FitBit will make sure to enhance the product until it gives you data accurately all the time.

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