Six Things, You Shouldn’t Haggle At!

Six Things, You Shouldn’t Haggle At!
April 21, 2014 Ozair Akhtar
Dubai Mall

People love to travel but most of them are not organized travellers. They have no idea or planned schedule what to do or where to go. As far as Dubai is concerned, I’m here to guide my readers that there are seven things they shouldn’t haggle at.

Skiing in Dubai:

Have you ever thought of skiing in the hottest place of the world? Dubai is a city with extreme temperatures, but it is truly exciting to experience man made ice skiing at around 130 feet long track. All you need is to dressed up properly and have comfortable clothing so that you can deal with extremely low temperatures at the Ski track. Gear set for skiing is provided within and has no extra charges. Thus, once you are in, enjoy to its max!

Desert Safari:

It’s a heritage! You can’t miss this roller coaster ride. UAE, a desert oriented country offers extra ordinary opportunities like Desert Safari. You don’t have to worry about your safety and security, the drivers are professionally skilled, carries vast experiences and guarantees you a safe journey with a fleet of safari wheelers.

Tour to ‘The Lost City’:

The Atlantis, that fits perfectly at the top of the Palm Jumeirah, offering a spectacular landscape to all, possess a “Loss World”. Besides club and night pubs for adult fun, there is a lot more for kids and teenagers. From huge screens aquariums to an excess of Water Park-Aqua venture with a thrilling water activity “Leap of Faith”, you’ll feel the shrink! Meeting huge Dolphins, one-on-one is another mind-blowing experience that you have not witnessed anywhere but at ‘The Atlantis’.

The Dubai Mall:

Dubai is a hub for shopping malls, but The Dubai Mall is more than just a shopping mall. It is a multi-purpose entertainment destination, offering countless opportunities for all age groups. From an exceptional 22-screen cinema experience to an indoor theme park for kids, no entertainment zone is left untouched. It is simply huge and stacks more than just a giant aquarium but a big underwater zoo for kids. All you need to be dressed well and have enough money to experience the impossible. Another treat is the Dubai Fountain, offering water shows rivals to Bellagio in Las Vegas. If you are conscious and sensitive to low temperature, take a seat at one of the top restaurants and enjoy the show from there.

Gold Souk:

Not just the color, but you’ll feel that you have dipped in gold for a while. If you are a jewellery lover and you want to experience some of the flooding ideas, Gold Souk is the best place to look for. From ingots to intricately designed jewellery, you’ll find everything from Gold to Gold.

Hydropolis Underwater Hotel:

This is not yet ready, but this is going to be a blast! The first underwater luxury hotel caters guests from all corners of the world. This piece is not a small chunk but of a size of Hyde Park in London, perfectly settles at the marine surface.  Divided into three different segments, this hotel will receive its guests at one end, land station, will later be transported via tunnel to 220 suites premises and will later be brought back on land as soon as they exit. Last but not the least, this is one of the rarest marine architecture where no entertainment opportunity will be left untouched. From spas to nightclubs, from cinema to five-star luxury dine-in, you’ll get everything that has ever happened on land until now.

Now you know where to go in Dubai and have fun, you’ll surely love the round up. Give a try! Read this article to know more about Dubai and its fascinating destinations.

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