Keep the Holiday Traditions Familiar

Keep the Holiday Traditions Familiar
November 29, 2017 Harry Caesar
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Dressing for Christmas day was a tradition in our house when I was growing up.  We would start off by each opening a gift at midnight on Christmas Eve, then bring on sleep with hot coco with marshmallows floating on top.  The next morning, we would get up early and have fun unwrapping the rest of our gifts and toys.  After getting everything together, the family would prepare for Christmas dinner.  We would receive guests in the parlor and neighbors would bring over home baked goods that would be added to the heavily laden table in the breakfast room.  Where I’m from in Texas, we had dinner, and later in the day we would have our supper.

For Christmas dinner, when the house was full of relatives and friends, we dressed in our Sunday finest and served the meal formally.  With a great flourish the turkey or ham would be placed on the table, and our grandpa, after saying a prayer of thanks for a “gracious plenty” would make us all laugh by saying “Good food, good meat.  Good God, let’s eat!”

It’s memories like that which bring on smiles when ever December rolls around.   And it’s clinging to those traditions like coco at midnight, dressing for dinner and being grateful for our bounty that are easy to pass on to the next generation.  So is the taste for quality shoes and accessories like those we buy at Clarks.  My family has shopped Clarks for their stylish footwear for generations.  When we cleaned out grandpa’s closet after he passed, we found Clark shoes that must have been 50 years old.  He never threw away anything, and with Clarks he rarely had to.  The quality that is engineered into the design and craftsmanship is done so you get your money’s worth of wear.  That is as true today as when the company started nearly 200 years ago.   Now you can shop online and use a Groupon code to get great deals on Clark’s entire inventory of items for men, women and kids.  And you can take as much as 65% off women’s shoes, and 46% off select men’s footwear.  And if you need stocking stuffers to open near midnight on Christmas Eve, search their accessories.

Today, we’re less formal about Christmas.  The parlor has given way to the family room and the dining room is open to the kitchen.  This year we plan to fry a turkey out on the deck that wraps around to the side of the house, and check out the football game on the big screen television we snagged at a Black Friday sale.  But s we settle in for dinner, we will be sure to say grace for our gracious plenty.

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