How to Find a Good Car Mechanic That Does Not Rip You Off

How to Find a Good Car Mechanic That Does Not Rip You Off
April 3, 2014 Harry Caesar


There is no one else that one trusts more than a car mechanic when it comes to any problems with the vehicle. However, there is a cost attached to everything and when contacting an auto mechanic, you must exercise some amount of caution in selecting the best. This cannot be emphasized enough; the wrong car mechanic is likely to charge you more and is also likely to conduct improper repairs or perhaps make matters worse!

Tips to Find the Best Mechanic

  • The first step in finding any good service provider is to trust word of mouth references. This is the most reliable source. Ask friends and family. This can be done over a few phone calls too. There is an added advantage to taking help from one’s acquaintances and that is; if you were about to contact a mechanic and then your friend tells you about the bad experience he or she had then you will be thankful for being saved in advance.
  • Ask for qualifications first and the experience too in consulting repair works on the type of car that you own.
  • Ensure that the mechanic is working for a reputable agency as this will provide better accountability for work conducted on your car. If it is an individual mechanic, then there is not much accountability plus after repairs he or she might completely vanish and you will find it difficult to trace. This is especially so if you have forgotten to ask for any identification proofs.

How to ensure that you are not being overcharged

  • The first step in this direction is to always avail of the services of a reputed, certified and licensed mechanic who is affiliated with the proper associations or is working for a certified car service provider.
  • The next step involves asking the charges and getting the estimate in writing so that the figures do not change drastically after the service is over.
  • Make sure that the first price quoted is the actual cost and not just an estimate. If the mechanic says that it is an estimate and that there can be a few dollars plus or minus then you can be sure that the final billed value will always be higher than the estimate. This is why, in order to get rid of all ambiguities; make sure that the cost is decided upon before commencement of work.
  • Many times, unscrupulous mechanics have been known to bill for replacements and repairs that have actually not been done! Ask to see the parts and have the mechanic explain the kind of servicing that needs to be done. Then take your time to match the same with other mechanics. If all are advising the same, then you can be assured that you were being told the truth.
  • Take back the old parts that have been replaced; this way you know that they actually got changed.
  • After the repairs are over; take the mechanic along with you on a test drive.

Most importantly, ensure that you are getting a warranty on your services done so that you do not come back after a couple of days with the same problem and are asked to pay again!

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