How to Become the Best Professional Tattooist?

How to Become the Best Professional Tattooist?
January 9, 2019 Justin Jersey
Justin Jersey
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Getting tattoos is just like any other service or product out there on the market. There are good tattoos and average tattoos, and there are a good tattooist or tattoo artist and average or bad ones. Any customer would, of course, prefer for the best services when it comes to tattooing and looks for the best professional tattooist.

There would be many of courses who wonder as to how to become a good tattooist. Before entering the industry, you should be aware that there are hundreds and thousands of tattoo artists out there and each claim to be among the best. In order to become the best professional tattooist, you should get ready to put in lots of hard work and determination along with goodwill of providing the best service to a customer.

It is not easy to stand out among the best of the tattoo artists out there and looked upon as to be the very best and the most professional. Many people enter the industry because of the potential of high income.  However, most of them are unlikely to succeed if they are just driven by the money. They need to have that passion for becoming a great tattoo artist.



Keep in mind that the customer of today is a very smart one and likes to make well-informed choices. They would inquire about you, get referrals, go through your portfolio and the kind of work you have done in the past. An average tattoo artist spends three to four years as an apprentice with a registered tattoo studio. He works closely with the professional and learns a lot by simply observing or following the tips given to them about the trade. The tattoo expert should have a good reputation. Do not hesitate to ask for previous work and the rate charges.

Thus, only after years of hard work and practice can one feel confident about the trade. Moreover, it takes a couple of more years to get perfect in the trade and looked upon as the best professional tattooist. Apart from the skills of the trade, you need humility, the passion, loads of determination and perseverance to excel in the industry. The person needs to be a good artist as well as a passionate one.

The Best Professional Tattooist:

If you really and truly want to become successful at tattooing, anyway, then be prepared to put in years of hard work and efforts. Just buying a kit and practicing is not going to work. So, if you are serious about becoming a skilled tattooist, just keep the following aspects in mind.



  •  Just because you think that you are good at drawing lines and filling in colors doesn’t mean that you can become a good tattoo artist. You need to keep learning and practice a lot.
  •  You would need an apprenticeship and work under the best professional tattooist and learn the real skills right from the master in the trade. Sometimes you may even have to pay to get a valuable apprenticeship and get the right training.
  • Start making a portfolio of all the good projects to you has done, both black and grey and colored. The idea is to show your customers your different skills and the range of designs you have done.
  • Just continue to practice and hone your skills. You may need lots of money to support yourself over the years.  Thus, it is essential that you get a regular job along with serving your apprenticeship. This is because you are not going to earn money during your apprenticeship.

Despite those longs’ years of practicing, you will feel that you still need to learn a lot more. Explore a lot more and visit more tattooists and keep learning. Watch, observe and keep learning and try to give in your best to every project you take.  A lot of persistence & perseverance is sure 6to help you embark on your journey of becoming the best professional tattooist.

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