How Is A Pillow Beneficial To Your Sleep?

How Is A Pillow Beneficial To Your Sleep?
January 7, 2019 Justin Jersey
Justin Jersey
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Sleep time is beneficial to your body and overall health. It gives your body time to relax for another busy day ahead.

How comfortable you feel when sleeping is important so that you don’t wake up with back or neck muscle pains.

The purpose of the pillow is to keep your head and neck aligned. The amount of attention the sleep industry receives surrounding personal sleep comfort is often focused on mattress choices.

But what many people don’t realize is how crucial their pillow choices are to a healthy, productive night’s rest.

What to consider

There are many variables you need to consider when looking for a new pillow. Your personal preferences are important but are less needed than a supportive product that allows for proper body positioning.

Let’s take a look at some of the materials used in pillow making and how important they are in ensuring you choose the best pillow.

Pillow materials

Because pillows carry a lot of importance in determining your sleep quality, let’s have a look at some examples of pillow materials.

  • Wool

The wool pillow is one of your best sleep companions, as it is made to last longer, compared to a cotton pillow. It is firmer and not the best to use for your neck support as it could leave you feeling stiff in the morning.

  • Cotton

The Cotton pillow is soft and good for neck support. Unlike the wool pillow, it doesn’t last long. It flattens out fast. Cotton is not the best of materials to go for if all you are looking for is durability.

  • Bird Feather

They are easy to find as they are sold by most vendors. Though soft, it produces noise when turning to change position during sleep. Your neck is also bound stiff when you wake up.

  • Poly foam and Memory foam

If looking for a good and quality pillow, these pillow types are worth your money. Some of the benefits you get include zero neck pains, good neck support and it is noise-free.

These pillows will guarantee you quality sleep.

Choose pillows according to your sleep position

What is your sleep position? You need to consider your sleep position and buy according to your body alignments need.

A back and stomach sleeper needs a thinner and softer pillow.

Do you have allergies or do you sleep warm? These are some of the questions I will answer as we progress.

So, how is a pillow beneficial to the different classes of sleepers, let’s take a look.

The benefits

Pillow use is not only restricted to neck support but many sleepers use it to cuddle. Apart from providing you with warmth during cuddling, it gives you balance and support.

To some sleepers, hugging a pillow during sleep provides them with a sense of security. Pregnant women are advised to sleep sideways. A pillow helps to provide support to this new routine.

Side sleepers

If you are accustomed to sleeping sideways, consider using a pillow for support and the overall weight of your spinal cord. The pillow you choose to use has to work in conjunction with your mattress for optimum support.

As a side sleeper, you want to use a pillow size that is thick as your neck-shoulder distance.

This helps compensate for the misalignment created by the weight of your head. Memory foam and cervical pillows are the best options to go for.

Pay attention to the pillow-size you buy. It should be proper and not too soft or thick. A thick pillow raises your head and neck way above your alignment.

Stomach sleepers

This group of sleepers needs no pillow. If used to one, use a soft thin pillow beneath your thighs or head to align your spine. Sleeping on your stomach isn’t the best of sleeping positions.

Your head and neck are tilted out of your spinal alignment. However, it also turns out to be the best position for managing sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and snoring.

Back sleepers

A pillow is useful for back sleepers as their sleeping position creates a gap between the mattress and lower back.  Your neck is also not properly aligned in this sleeping position.

To ensure proper alignment in your sleeping position, use a contouring foam mattress.

It helps to align the space between the mattress and lower back. Also, address the space between your neck and mattress by investing in a well-balanced contouring pillow.

Let’s get down to the two brands of pillows and what they have to offer. Alternatively, you can also have a look at my pillow reviews to understand more about pillows.

  1. My pillow

The foam pieces interlock and hold that position without going flat. You get the support where you exactly need it. The resulting sleep is comfortable, deeper and longer.

My pillow comes in two variations, the classic and premium. What is the difference? My classic has two loft layers while the premium variation has four layers.

Loftiness describes the firmness of the pillow.

There is also the difference in material, the classic variation is filled with polyester while the premium one is filled with foam.

My pillow is ideal for you;

  • Preventing neck and shoulder pains as you wake up.
  • A built-in cooling effect that allows you to sleep uninterrupted
  • It is for people with allergy, the materials are 100% anti-bacterial and non-allergenic

If you sleep at night tossing and turning, you should consider buying My Pillow to avoid sleeping disorders.

  1. Nest bedding easy breather

It comes with 2 material choices, noodle natural latex, which is good for a classic feel and fantastic cooling. It has an organic cotton cover.

Then, there is the shredded memory foam. It provides a nice hug and relieves body pressure.

There is no smell or off-gassing. You can adjust the height to your preference. So, what are some of the benefits?

  • Provides the user with a nice hug
  • Relieves pain and pressure
  • You sleep deeper and longer

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