Essential Tips to follow for amazing blog-worthy fashion photography!

Essential Tips to follow for amazing blog-worthy fashion photography!
May 16, 2019 Eada Hudes
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One of the most trending things on the social media nowadays, apart from savage memes and gorgeous celebrities getting married, are the pictures of fashion bloggers. We bet you to check out at least three of the Instagram handles of the hottest fashion bloggers, and you will start to question your existence. They walk the walk and talk the talk, as they seem to be living their life, following their passion. There are various kinds of bloggers out there including travel and food bloggers, but you will mostly see fashion bloggers wearing top-shot branded clothing and getting jaw-dropping photos clicked by professional photographers.

Now, just like everything else is in abundance out there, there are millions of fashion blogs out there, each trying to outdo the next. Every fashion blogger aims to do things a bit differently than the other, and make sure that their photo shoots are downright perfect. And for that, they need quite a few things like a great location, great clothes, accessories, etc. but most important of all, they need a skilled photographer who is capable of doing some great fashion photography in Leeds, Photography Works has some of the most diverse range of props and the best photographers who will help you to create a stunning portfolio. They have been running successfully over 25 years and have an impressive photo studio which captures dream-like shots of their fashion clients.

Beginner fashion photography tips at your service

So, with the vast oceans of fashion bloggers and fashion photographers out there, it’s quite hard to make your work stand out. But, again, it’s nothing impossible. As a fashion photographer who’s just starting out in the fashion world, you may find it to be quite a daunting scene. Photography in Leeds, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, is never an easy thing and requires much more than an expensive camera. Photography is all about having that ‘keen eye’ and passion, and we are sure you have enough of that. As for some smart tips that could help to make your job easier, read on:

  • Correct time: First and foremost, the most crucial thing to choose is the correct time for the shoot. You need to choose a time when the natural light and the weather are at its best, especially if you are shooting outdoors. Don’t go out in direct sunlight as that will cause a shadow on the face of the person getting photographed. The best time for shoots is sunrise and the golden hour.
  • Best location: If you are choosing to shoot outdoors, you also need to pick out a great location. Discuss it with your model and choose the location beforehand, so that you save the trouble and time on the main day. Try to choose the location as per the theme of the shoot and the outfits for the best results.
  • Best background: Now, once you successfully choose a great location, the story doesn’t end there. You have to select the best background available that will enhance the beauty of your pictures. Also, ensure that the outfit of the model doesn’t get lost or mingled in the busy background. It should stand out, unless required otherwise.
  • Make the model comfortable: So, whether or not you know the model personally, you should make him/her comfortable. This will help them smile and pose in the most natural ways. Keep interacting with the model as strong body language and facial expressions are the key to perfect pictures.
  • RAW format: Well, lastly this is a tip which is kind of on the technical side. Try to click the photos in the RAW format as this helps to give more exposure. This allows you to capture more details and not lose out on them during the post processing. The RAW format is good news for your pictures as it contains maximum dynamic range.

So, these were some of the basic yet useful photography tips for beginners. These fashion photography tips are sure to come in handy in your upcoming fashion photography assignments and will leave your clients more than happy.

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