Do weighted blankets help you to sleep better

Do weighted blankets help you to sleep better
June 8, 2019 Simon Morris
Simon Morris
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Weighted blankets will be an effective tool to help those people who are suffering from sleeping disorders. It will be quite effective for a lot of children, adults, teenagers and even disabled people. This article will help you in understanding why weighted blankets would be essential for a proper night’s sleep.  

Why are weighted blankets important?

Weighted blankets get used for basically comforting those individuals who suffer from different types of sleeping disorders. These blankets can help them in unwinding. Some people suffer from certain psychological problems which would get easily responsive to even the simplest of touches, they have disorders like constantly twitching their legs, and such disorders like fidgeting about in their sleep and they may use weighted blankets. Such types of blankets will provide certain amounts of weight and provide unwinding incitement to the body.

Such types of blankets will easily calm agitated individuals or those people suffering from any mental distress. Children who have ADHD can also use them. Sleep therapy specialists also use these blankets to help people suffering from trauma. Autistic people are also helped when they use these blankets.  The best thing about these blankets is that they can help in releasing certain essential hormones which help in falling asleep. As a result of this such blankets will help in inducing sleep and provide much-needed security to such people.

A weighted blanket cans help to provide the necessary comfort and help people suffering from several disorders feel relaxed and sleep well. 

Some such disorders which can be treated with a weighted blanket are:

• Anxiety Disorder patient can use weighted blankets in order to feel calm or relaxed. 
• Autistic children having trouble to sleep may use weighted blankets for having a good night’s sleep. 
• Insomniac people should use a weighted blanket so as to induce sleep at night.
• People who suffer from a Sensory Integration can find weighted blankets also to be quite beneficial.• Epileptic patients can also find a weighted blanket to be helpful• Children who have ADD can try to use a weighted blanket to get proper sleep.
• People who are suffering from Dementia can have problems while sleeping, and a weighted blanket can benefit them.• People who are suffering from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or (FAS) can use weighted blankets to have a comfortable night’s sleep.• People who are suffering from any form of Brain Trauma Injuries can also try to feel some problems while sleeping, and hence, a weighted blanket can be of help to them.

You will be able to find a great variety of weighted blankets from various online stores at a number of different prices. If you want to know more about where you can get calming weighted blankets, then you should click for more information to find the best store selling such genuine weighted calming blankets.


Sleep is very important to maintain a healthy body and mind; weighted blankets can help make this happen. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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