Casio Singapore Things you need to keep in mind before choosing your wristwatch

Casio Singapore Things you need to keep in mind before choosing your wristwatch
June 21, 2019 Sujain Thomas
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Watches aren’t just for their functionality but are also essential to class up a look. Go for tactical watches, digital watches or Casio Singapore, but make sure you keep the following considerations in mind. There are four main categories of wrist watches, and these are the dress, diver, field, and aviator. Let us have a look at each of them. 

The dress watches

These were designed as the timepiece for the wrist and not the pocket. The dress watches are all about simplicity and sophisticated designs. If you want a touch of class with your office, wear, go for a dress watch to avoid the “flashy” factor.

The dress watches have the following features.

  • The size is thin and can slip on/off easily out of the shirt cuff.
  • The casing has a variety in terms of shape; circular, square and rectangular. Most are made of precious metals like gold and silver.
  • The dial display can sport Roman or Arabic numerals with leather band.
  • Complicated features include the date and a moon display as per the manufacturer.

Pair your dress watch with the business suit or tuxedo to complete the “sharp” look.

The field watches

Designed from the WWI trench watches, these have unique features that include visibility in low light and precise timing, even with the rigors of temperature and climatic conditions.

The features for the field watches are as follows.

  • The size is usually small to medium since a large watch can get in the way of vigorous outdoor activities.
  • The case is typically metal; stainless steel or titanium is the most common material used for the case. These usually have the feature where you can pull out the crown to pause the second hand.
  • The dial display is large and comfortable to read even in the dark due to the illumination feature. It has bands of leather/canvas-Velcro straps for ease of access.

Pair the field watch with casual or evening wear to look fashionable.

The dive watch

The dive watch is the most common type of watch that we have seen our favorite movie stars and celebrities sporting. The USP for these watches are the water-resistant and dive-proof features.

The signature features of the dive watches are as follows.

  • A standard dive watch is usually water-resistant up to a dive depth of 100 meters and more.
  • The size is usually medium and is made of rust resistant materials like stainless steel and titanium.
  • The face usually has easy to read Roman, Arabic numerals with hardened mineral glass to make it water-resistant.
  • The case has the unidirectional bezel to allow the diver to measure the amount of time he/she spends under water.

The pilot watch

Aviator watches are the chronographs that make it easy for pilots and aviators to track time when jet-setting across the blue skies.

Features include,

  • A chronograph along with day/date and stopwatch.
  • The dial is usually oversized with luminous hands for easy viewing, even in the dark of the cockpit.

There are watches for the casual look or the bold/brazen style statement. Make sure which one suits you the best when you want to dress up and go out in style.

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