Best Holiday Spots In Croatia

Best Holiday Spots In Croatia
June 22, 2018 Zachary Helm
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Vacationing in Croatia is a bargain which you should take advantage of. It may not be one of the more popular holiday destinations in Europe, however, the beauty which the country boasts of explains why it is gradually becoming a draw for most holidaymakers. The following are a few of the best holiday spots in Croatia:
1. Plitvice Lakes National Park:
One of the top places to visit while in Croatia is its first National Park. The 296.85-kilometer square UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to a chain of 16 terraced lakes which are joined by waterfalls. There is so much to take in as you explore its walkways, hiking trails and the 367-meter elevated Korana bridge. This National Park does not receive over 1 million visitors annually without a reason. The flora and fauna of its forested mountains offer tourists a compelling scenic view. Be on the lookout for any prowling lynx or brown bear.
2. Makarska:
This port town is located on the Dalmatian coast of this beautiful country. It is perfect for visitors to gain a Croatia sailing experience on a ferry that links the town to Brač Island. Makarska’s renowned craggy peak of Mount Biokovo adds to the serene beauty of its colorful harbor. Other attractions include the many family-friendly beaches which are open to tourists all year round. Nature lovers will get a chance to see golden eagles that call the rugged Mount Biokovo home. So, get ready to soak up the sun and join in the nightlife parties of this seaside holiday resort.
3. Mljet National Park:
You will love this vacation spot once outdoor activities are your thing. This National Park is graced with an expanse of pine forest and provides hiking and biking trails for lovers of adventure. While on the Island, enjoy kayaking on its large salt-water lakes. You can also reach it from Dubrovnik by ferry or from Korčula using tourist charter boats. Your adventure will not be complete without a visit to the eerie Odysseus’s cave.
4. Dubrovnik:
This popular destination in Croatia is also known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic.” The massive stone walls of this city located in the Southern part of Croatia that fronts the Adriatic Sea was completed in the 16th century. There is so much attraction in Dubrovnik that attracts visitors. Among them is the Renaissance Sponza Palace which has stood since the 16th century, the baroque St. Blaise Church, and the History Museum which was once the Gothic Rector’s Palace. The city’s pedestrianized Stradun is paved with limestone and lined with lively shops and restaurants.
5. Peljesac Peninsula:
Enjoy one of the top wines made in Croatia such as Postup and Dingac when you visit this region. The Peljesac Peninsula is the country’s second largest that connects both the Korčula Island and the Mainland. It is home to some of the finest beaches where you can stretch and soak in the sun. After catching some waves, you can visit the Sveti Ilija Mountain to view the beautiful scenery from its summit. Do not forget to sample the food delicacies of the region along with their wine.
Croatia boasts of great beach destinations in Europe where you can unwind on your next vacation.

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