All About Yachting and Racing

All About Yachting and Racing
April 16, 2014 Ozair Akhtar


There are lots of activities inaugurated to determine the leadership skills assessing how well the subordinates respond to the call. The purpose of team building is to bridge gap between leaders and their followers like managers and employees. Such activities are vital to boost the overall performance of a company and harmonizing relations between fellow workers. A unique yet most interesting group activity is yachting which is a water based sports for which every sportsmen have a liking for.

A Brief Overview of Yachting

Utilizing water vessels for sporting purpose refers to “yachting” in short. There are many different designs of boat with each used in a particular sports like sailboats for sailing, motorboats for power boating and much more. The term yacht is originally a Dutch word “Jacht” which means “hunt”. Such ships were used by the Dutch navy to ward off pirates and trespassers violating the border via sea.

However with time, such cruisers were mainly used for the purpose of luxury like King Charles II of England traveled to Britain from Holland for his second coronation. Today, most of the hire, rental and charter Luxury yachts in Dubai, UAE are equipped with powerful motors and delicate controllers to steer them smoothly across the water, commonly known as steam and power boats.

Yacht Sailing Competition

The concept of sailing dates back to Stone Age when cavemen used to cross a lake or river on log, even visiting nearby islands on them in search of food and shelter. It was somewhere in the 17th century that seafaring became a favorite water sports activity in Netherlands. The trend soon flowed to England where development of customary designed ships especially for racing initiated.

Today, yacht competition between different countries is held once or twice in a year with thousands of participants in line, ready to face the challenge. “Regatta” is a renowned yacht competition in which brilliantly colored boats take part with national emblem embedded on their side, revealing the country origin.

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Types of Yachts & Their Purpose

Among many racing ships, some large yachts lodge many facilities for longer voyage as compared to smaller ones, like dinghies and skiffs. Steering and movement of a smaller boat is smoother and sleek as compared to large ones due to shape, weight, design and control mechanism.

Dinghy race is a renowned water sport which involves the use of a yacht that can accustom two to three individuals. Single mast, triangular design and physical control panels are placed to maneuver the craft smoothly. Other factors that affect the movement are waves, wind and overall weight. Another name for a small dinghy is a sloop.

Large racing vessel that can adjust more than 10 people is known as spinnaker, designed to move along with the wind. Let the “Jib” drop, which is actually a large sheet that moves the ship just like on a pirate ship.

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Some Other Water Activities

Aside yachting, other team building water sports in Dubai includes kayaking, rowing, canoe competition, motorboat racing and much more which are all fun. Any special type of yachts, equipped with advanced technology and mechanical systems include hydrofoils, hovercrafts and personalized cruisers.

And here’re all the water sports activities associated with team buildings using yachts as the main source. So if you’re planning one for your firm, be sure to read this article for details.

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