A guide for vacation in Balkan region

A guide for vacation in Balkan region
August 25, 2016 Zachary Helm


It always feels good to go for a vacation for a chance to refresh the body and mind. For this to be achieved, the vacation site should be conducive. The Balkans is one of such sites. The Balkans provides a cultural and natural variety, resulting from several years of numerous political changes and influences from the Byzantine and the Ottoman.

The Balkans offer an interesting experience with the sway of the Mediterranean meeting the Central Europe and blending with the exotic East. Castles such as the Danube and the Dracula provide layers of history, evident at every turn.

Going on such a vacation will give you an amazing experience of countries such as Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Greece, Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania. This will allow you explore the unique culture, history, scenery, people, as well as the architecture of these beautiful countries. The vacation will additionally get you close to the local people. Such experience is more than just a vacation. It is an opportunity to embark on a multi-active adventure, an archaeological journey and a culinary exploration of the amazing physical features in the different cities.

With just $1000, you can afford a solid month of dream travel in the Balkans. For only a grand, you can get a whole month accommodation including food and drinks in addition to an exploration of four, five or six different countries. All this time you will be enjoying fascinating beaches, lakes, cities, culture, mountains and great foods. The Balkans nations of Europe will definitely give you the value for your money

Accommodation in the Balkans

Apartments offer the best value especially for two or more people traveling as a group. For individual travelers, hostels are the most suitable as they are cheap. You can as well cough a few more bucks and book a hotel. Even though the hotels in the Balkans are a bit expensive, they are relatively cheap by European standards.


Specific places to visit

Belgrade, Serbia. Accommodation here is affordable. A Belgrade apartment will cost you between $190 US to $ 230 US per week. The apartments are strategically located within the city centre and thus very convenient. Belgrade is a big city, and therefore, taking such an apartment will offer you the best chance to explore the city in daylight and at night.

Sibenik is another great destination to visit in Croatia. Accommodation and real estate in Sibenik is fairly cheap as compared to other places in the country. A stay in Sibenik will give you the best experience of exploring Croatia without much dent in your pocket.

Simply put, for $25 US dollars a day, you will get a great European holiday. The Balkans will give you an incredible value for your money. This is Europe, without the European price tag. The cities are so beautiful, with mountains covered in snow. This will leave you with a great impression. The best thing is that you are getting all this great experience at a stunning price, something you may never get at any other place on earth. At the Balkans, you have it all.

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