5 Top Advantages of Having E-Cigarettes

5 Top Advantages of Having E-Cigarettes
November 30, 2016 Ozair Akhtar
Top 5 Benefits of E-Cigarettes

Okay, so you’ve been wondering about it and here you are. Your curiosity has lead you here, and it’s only fitting that I lay on you some critical information.

Traditional cigarettes have found their new opponent. E-Cigarettes or Vapes, have made a huge dent in the tobacco industry. But why’s that?


Here are 5 advantages of E-Cigarettes, that make traditional tobacco ones, a hug mistake.

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Top 5 Usefulness of E-Cigarettes

1.Save Money

You’re aware of the amount of money you spend on cigarettes. With high taxing and increases in insurance rates, you spend more than you’d like to on this “dirty little habit”of yours.

Little did you know, if you make a switch over to E-Cigarettes you can save over 65% on expenses!

I’ll let you process that.

You will have all that extra savings for yourself. That could be in the hundreds when it comes to savings!

Who wouldn’t want a couple extra hundred dollars in their wallet at the end of the year?

2. Increased Circulation

Brace yourselves, here comes some science talk.

With traditional tobacco cigarettes, one of the most harmful substances is inhaled into your body, Carbon monoxide. It’s extremely dangerous because it takes the place of oxygen within your bloodstream, specifically in red blood cells. (RBC’s carry oxygen to the body tissues) It devastatingly prevents a large portion of oxygen from reaching vital organs, which is why traditional smoking is so unhealthy for you.

With E-Cigs or Vaping, you don’t have this risk. Vaping does not produce carbon monoxide and is a healthier alternative in terms of improving blood circulation. Allowing your body to have greater access to more free oxygen. This will insure all your tissues and organs are adequately supplied with more oxygen. Improving your overall circulation.

Top 5 Advantages of E-Cigarettes

3. Better Taste

Vaping gives you an added luxury of saying goodbye to that unpleasant taste from traditional cigarettes.

There is a huge assortment of possible flavors of juices you can choose from. There’s no doubt that there will be a flavor for anyone’s taste buds. Check for yourself, look at all the options you have, buy vape juice online!Still rather puff on those “cancer sticks”?

Not only do they have all these options of flavors, but unlike traditional cigarettes, you don’t have to worry about a decreased sense of taste. Poor circulation from smoking traditional cigarettes leads to a decreased sense of taste. Vaping, like I mentioned above, allows your body to improve its circulation from not having all those dangerous chemicals inside you.

So, you’ll be able to actually taste these flavors too!

4. Bye-Bye, to the Bad Smell

Ask anyone who doesn’t smoke, the number one complaint they’ll have is the smell it emits. Including the smell, it leaves in: your home, your clothes, your breath, and your car. It’s a strong lingering smell that has a hard time escaping.

With vaping, all that is gone. Vaping doesn’t emit smoke, instead it emits a smoke-like vapor. Usually condensed water vapor. Best part is, it’s completely odorless. You get to enjoy smoking and the pleasant taste from those flavors and the rest of the world doesn’t have to be bothered by the unpleasant smell.

If that hasn’t sold you, it’s a much better environmental-friendly alternative to smoking traditional tobacco. No more of those toxic chemicals polluting our air.

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5. No More Tar & Tobacco

Traditional cigarettes burn over 4,000 harmful chemicals in each cigarette. All that goes right into your body. That’s not the case with vaping.

E-Cigs do not contain any tobacco or tar that are common with traditional cigarettes. Fortunately for you, that doesn’t mean you’re without your steady does of nicotine. In fact, vaping allows you to choose the strength of your nicotine dosage, something traditional one do not.

You’re ridding your body of ingesting those chemicals. No more tar, no more tobacco. Both are something your body can do without.

In Summation,E-Cigarettes, or if you prefer it be called vaping, allows traditional smoker the option to eliminate the harmful substances they inhale. Vaping allows you to save much more of your hard-earned money, while helping your body improve its circulation without be flooded by those toxic chemicals. It also allows you to choose an assortment of flavor that you’ll be able to taste with your improved circulation.

Best part is, all that tar and tobacco will no longer play a factor. Leaving you not having others to deal with the offensive smell of traditional cigarettes.

If you’re a smoker, you’d be foolish not to make the switch now.

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