5 Most Important Languages to Learn in Super-Fast Time

5 Most Important Languages to Learn in Super-Fast Time
May 22, 2017 Twinkle Kapoor

There are scores of reasons why you should learn one or several foreign languages. Whether you are a student or looking to expand your business to a new market abroad, you might be interested in the cognitive benefits of learning a new language.  Foreign languages boost your cognitive abilities and make you a better thinker. Before you choose a language, you should understand which countries speak these languages.  Here are top 5 foreign language courses that may be vital in landing your dream job.


It is designed for students and professionals looking to improve their proficiency in English. This course will help you advance quickly in your career. English is the most significant language to get employed. It is a key to being able to communicate anywhere in the world. Choose one of the best spoken English courses to develop your listening, speaking and pronunciation skills for more effective communication in professional situations. These courses encourage learners to speak as much English as possible an

Difficulty Level: Very Easy


China is a big country with good population and ethnicities. Being the second largest economy, it is a superb career opportunity that is only expanding. If you are planning to get into business, learning mandarin will be the right choice keeping you ahead of your competition. The more mandarin you understand, the more fit for the role you will be. Chinese economy is all set to become number 1 by 2020. You can earn a lot of money by taking up this course.

Difficulty level: Very tough


The official language of oodles of organizations like NATO, FIFA, UN, ISO and Interpol. It is most popular among Indians and easy to understand as 50% of English words have their origin in French. According to the Washington post, people who speak French can earn around $77000 throughout the year compared to any other foreign language. The most widely recognized talented positions with an interest for French are training, deals and administration.

Difficulty level: Easy


One of the top economies in the globe with the third highest GDP, Japanese is a great language to learn. More than 200 organizations have started operating in India in last few years. It is difficult to learn as it comes from different root. Japanese is the most useful language for those who work in the financial sectors, automotive and communications. It is quite evident that the demand for Japanese in India will rise considerably in the future.

Difficulty level: Tough


The fifth most talked language in the world, Arabic has a reputation for excellence in business. Whether you are working or not, the demand for Arabic skills make certain bright job prospects for those who can speak this challenging language. It is another language that is gaining popularity because of the existence of the mid-east countries like Saudi Arabia and UAE in the global economy.  Additionally, after learning Arabic, you can offer coaching classes to people visiting arab countries for work purpose or visa.

Difficulty level: Tough

You will never regret learning a new language boosting your social life and career. Take a wise decision. Wish you the best of luck!


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