5 Fitness Tips for Busy People

5 Fitness Tips for Busy People
April 16, 2019 Stella Lane
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Having a good opinion about yourself is imperative if you want to appear confident to others and make progress both in your professional and personal life. However, a busy lifestyle sometimes leaves us very little to no time to go to the gym and work on our fitness. If you’ve recognized the well-known signs of a hectic lifestyle and you need help in improving your fitness, we’ve got a couple of solutions for you. By following just a few handy tips, you’ll have a great physique and healthy body in no time.

Workout during commercials

Commercial breaks are often very annoying and appear unnecessary in the middle of your favourite TV show or a movie, and unless you need to run to the bathroom or maybe clean out the kitchen in those few minutes, you’re likely to start scrolling on your cell phone. Well, there’s actually a much better way to spend those few minutes, and it involves you moving around.

Get up and start doing lunges to make your glutes and thighs tighter. Do a few sit-ups or push-ups by using your couch or a sofa for leverage. Furthermore, if you have the room in your living room to put a stationary bike, cycle while your favourite TV show is on, and mix activity with leisure in the best possible way.  

Find the reasons to walk more

No time for the gym, you say? In that case, incorporate exercise into your everyday routine. Do you usually take the elevator or escalator to go to your office? Forget about standing still, and burn some calories as you climb up the stairs. Leave your car at home, and hop on the bus to your office, and maybe even get off a stop earlier than needed so you can walk an extra mileage.

Are you accustomed to having a meeting at a conference room, or even worse, at a restaurant? Why not spend some time outdoors and think about touring your business partners through the city while also negotiating the next big business venture? Not only will you contribute to your well-being, but your partners may see this move as a very innovative and creative approach to doing business.

Work out at home

Using every opportunity to incorporate a bit of physical activity into your daily routine is all you should focus on if you’re too busy to exercise at the gym. Therefore, feel free to make your home your own personal gym. Put on some comfortable gym wear and run a few circles in your backyard. If you have a stationary bicycle, try to do some cycling while your kids are taking a nap. Run up and down the stairs, or do push-ups against them, and even think about making your chores extra efficient by pushing yourself even harder to dust, vacuum and clean the windows.

Just think about all the movements you’ll be making while you’re polishing your glass cabinet door or as you wipe the windows clean. If you have little children running around the house, play tag with them, or simply do a full squat the next time you start picking up toys after them or stretch properly when you need to reach top shelves.

Cut back on sugary treats

Increased physical activity won’t mean much unless you control your diet. Indulging in sweets is not a problem except if it turns into a habit and you end up having a bag of candy every other day while watching TV. Therefore, be sure to avoid excessive consumption of sweets because not only does it affect your weight, but it can also cause diabetes.

Work on developing healthy habits,  and opt for dried fruits, dark chocolate, and natural sweeteners such as stevia and honey, which are much healthier alternatives that will satiate your hunger for sugar and keep your weight in check.

Improve your diet

If you plan on looking like supermodels, you’ll have to forget about greasy foods such as fries and sauces and switch to healthy foods like cucumbers, carrots, mushrooms, lettuce, and fresh tomatoes. Eggs, yoghurt, cereals and fruit juice would be some of the great breakfast foods that will keep you full for a long time and not affect your weight.

Drinking plenty of water is also essential for keeping the body hydrated, and for speeding up your metabolism as well. Have a glass of water in the morning, a half an hour before lunch and dinner, and you’ll see the pounds shedding in no time.

Final thoughts

Being busy is not a good enough reason for you to neglect your physical activity. Therefore, make sure you incorporate some or even every one of the aforementioned tips into your daily routine, and observe your body becoming fit and your self-esteem going through the roof.

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