5 Creative Ways that You Can Market Your New College Club

5 Creative Ways that You Can Market Your New College Club
January 31, 2014 Chaleigh Glass


The involvement you have during your college career is crucial to your future success, and creating a new club looks great on your resume. Launching a successful club, however, does not come without hard work and dedication. People have to know it exists, and this requires the implementation of clever marketing. The same marketing techniques that work for most businesses can also be used to promote the growth of your new college club. Here is a quick look at five effective and creative marketing techniques that will attract more members than you ever imagined possible.

1. Organization Interest Fairs

As a new year begins, incoming freshman are becoming accustomed to campus life, and most schools accommodate them by offering interest fairs. These large events are an occasion for all of the different school groups, both clubs and majors, to try and attract new members from the group of incoming freshmen. This is a wonderful opportunity to find new members for your club, and many of these members will be a good fit for your club and will remain members for their entire college career, giving the club a greater amount of stability and longevity.

2. The Power of the Internet

The internet is a great way to receive free publicity for your club. Online locations such as Google Sites allow for anyone to create a page that is quick and easy to design and make available to the public. You can drive traffic by utilizing social networking sites such as Facebook to direct your friends to the site. The more traffic you receive, the higher your rankings will be on search engines. Best of all, when marketing your club using other avenues such as fairs, you can direct those interested to the site. A simple website is a great way to passively draw people to your club, while also providing you with a great location where you can put all of your pertinent information that others might want to know.

 3. Flyers

Most colleges have advertising boards located throughout campus, and this is another excellent resource to utilize. Create an eye-catching flyer containing general information about the club, and include contact information and your website address. People do look at these boards, and it’s a great way to advertise without taking up much time. You also may be able to have a graphic design student make the flyers for free, perhaps for one of their projects, and then you can print the advertisements for a relatively small cost if you have a campus print center.

4. Promotional Products

People like to receive free stuff, and offering promotional products is an excellent way to promote your new college club. Promotional products can not only help you maintain your existing membership base, they can also attract the attention of new members. Sites such as http://www.halo.com/promotional-products-boston-massachusetts.aspx offer an array of items where you can place your club’s name and website URL. Promotional products will take a relatively small investment to purchase and they will help to advertise your club for years to come.

5. Campus Media

Most colleges have some type of student media outlet. Find out if your college has a newspaper, television broadcast, or radio show. These media are always looking for a fresh story, and a new college club makes for great news. You also might be able to purchase a relatively small advertisement space or commercial on these forms of media. This will allow you to funnel your advertising money directly to the students at your college.     The best time to start marketing your new college club is now, and these five tips are easy and inexpensive to implement. You should also reach out to your local Chamber of Commerce to try and gain the skills that are required for leadership over a club while also networking with others that might be able to help your group.

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