5 Car Selling Mistakes You Should Avoid

5 Car Selling Mistakes You Should Avoid
April 6, 2017 Yomi Jegede


There are many reasons for you to sell your car. Maybe you’re ready to upgrade your ride and don’t have enough space to store two vehicles. Maybe you’re saving up for something big, like a new house, and need much money. In any case, selling a car is a responsible step that needs quite a lot of effort to put. While selling your vehicle, make sure to avoid these 5 common mistakes. When you’re ready to buy a new car, come and shop for cars on Jiji (https://jiji.ng/cars) to find the best deals from reliable local sellers.


1. Overvaluation

Your car may seem priceless to you because of the attachment and some positive memories, but in reality your vehicle may be worth much less than you thought. In order to set a fair price, take into consideration the car’s age and condition, number of major repairs, and whether it looks and feels completely outdated. Remember that setting a too low price can scare the customers away too.


2. Unattractive ad

If you’re taking advantage of modern technology and listing your car online, take extra time to write an attractive and detailed ad. Writing “1996 Toyota Corolla for sale, contact for price and information” won’t help you sell your ride faster. Instead you should make your description detailed enough for the customer to form an opinion about the vehicle before even seeing it. List its features, condition, and possible issues – be honest, because the truth will come out anyway.


3. Low-quality photos

While the text of your ad has a huge impact on the success of your sale, the pictures are equally important. A set of photos in your ad can make or break the first impression about your car. Avoid posting poorly lit, blurry, or too distant photos. There’s no need for adding dozens of pictures: one picture from every angle plus photos of the interior, engine, and trunk should be enough. Use the “golden hour” at the sunset or sunrise for your photography.


4. Messy look

When you’re ready to show your car to prospective buyers, make sure to give it a good wash. Start with the exterior and pay special attention to the windows and mirrors, wiping them down afterwards. Next, move on to the interior, taking out the garbage and cleaning the plastic parts with a wet cloth. Don’t forget to clean out the trunk, since many owners fill it up with stuff and never throw it out.


5. Being impatient

Unless you need the money very urgently, it pays to be patient during the sales process. If you don’t set a low price and don’t agree to lower it for every buyer who shows interest, you can have a much more fruitful sale. Even if you don’t sell your car as quickly as you hoped, you’ll have more time to fix it and bring it to a better state, which makes the sale more profitable.

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