3 Most Luxurious Cities in Balkans

3 Most Luxurious Cities in Balkans
October 19, 2016 Zachary Helm

The Balkan region was always considered a controversial region, but in the same time a very beautiful one. In the last years, the countries from the Balkan region developed a lot. This development is confirmed by the increased living standard of the population, but also from the emergence of some luxurious cities. Most of them have touristic purposes, but there are also cities inhabited by rich people, which built a lot of luxurious mansions and changed this way, the architecture of the cities. Bellow, we will present a list of the most luxurious cities in the Balkan region and what are the things that makes them unique.

1) Tivat

This city is located on the littoral part of Montenegro and it’s rather a new built city. Because it was built with touristic purposes, there were a lot of investors that came there and starting to invest in 5 stars hotels and fancy mansions, and the city quickly became a very luxurious one. There is a big contrast between Tivat and the surrounding areas and most people could never afford a stay in one of the new built establishments. Still, there is one thing that makes Tivat unique, and that is the Porto Montenegro. The harbor uses the ex-Yugoslavian infrastructure and was brought to its current form by a Canadian investor. It later transformed into a luxury one and you can see an impressive collection of yachts and super-boats there, on a regular basis. The residents are complaining that yachts are becoming bigger and bigger and soon, they won’t be able to see the berths anymore. So the fancy cars, the premium nightclubs where the cheapest drink costs more than 12$, the hotels and the mansions, makes Tivat one of the most luxurious cities in the Balkan region.

2) Dubrovnik

Another littoral city, Dubrovnik is located on the Adriatic Sea in Croatia. The city developed mostly by maritime trade but it soon became an important touristic attraction. Dubrovnik is considered the pearl of the Adriatic Sea and of course, as in any high-profile place, a lot of luxury attractions were built there. The most interesting ones are the luxury villas built on higher ground. They offer an amazing view over the whole city and the sea which allows you to fully enjoy the wonders of Dubrovnik. A lot of those villas are available for rent, and if you’re looking for a full experience in Dubrovnik you should certainly rent a luxury villa in Croatia and Dubrovnik. In the city, Italian Super Cars are everywhere and you can see brands as Ferrari, Lamborghini or even Bugatti on a regular basis. The yachts are occupying the harbors, one more luxurious than another. So if you’re looking for a touristic destination, then Dubrovnik is the perfect choice for you.

3) Thessaloniki

One of the biggest touristic attractions in the Balkan region and the cultural capital of Greece, Thessaloniki successfully combines it’s ancient attractions with the new built facilities. Greece was always a tourist-friendly country but this city has something special that makes it unique. The luxury hotels offer exclusivity privacy and an incomparable sea view. The variety of boutiques, restaurants, night clubs, tavernas, shopping centers and exhibitions makes from Thessaloniki one of the most luxurious cities in the Balkan region.

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