12 Ways to Complain Without Being Rude

12 Ways to Complain Without Being Rude
January 26, 2018 Leaders Hub
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There should be no shame in complaining when the service or product you have received is not to the standard it should be. Thus, knowing how to make a valid point without being dismissed as being rude or aggressive is an important life skill. Helpfully, NetCredit have put together an infographic outlining how to do just that.

The first piece of advice is to actually follow through with airing your grievance. Far too many people, 96% in fact, just keep their unhappiness to themselves meaning they end up with repressed emotions and the offending company doesn’t know where it needs to improve.

Once you have decided to press ahead with your complaint you should take the time to think of the incident objectively, in case you are letting emotions get too involved. It’s also good to know what your end-goal is with the issue: Do you want compensation or a refund, or will an acknowledgement and an apology suffice?

After you’ve prepared yourself fully to start the process of raising the issue, the next step is delivering your complaint. The important part here is to figure out where you should direct your energy. Some businesses are very active on social media and might be keen to resolve anything in the public eye but there are also formal complaint procedures that can be followed with the help of the Better Business Bureau.

If your efforts are still met with indifference or you are not offered a satisfactory solution it is still important to stay in control and keep any angry emotions at bay. You can look into your further options, such as your legal rights or other channels to voice your complaint. Alternatively, you can let others know of your experience through trusted review sites.

When situations arise that you feel compelled to complain about make sure you do it the right way. Not being heard because you are coming across as too overbearing or rude can just end up increasing your frustration without achieving any result. By following the tips laid out, you can keep your head while following an effective and structured process.

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